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Experience speaks for itself. It is better to trust the professionals that it is difficult to do in a difficult moment

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It is necessary to call an ambulance and the police. Ambulance is obliged to issue a statement of death, and the police draw up a report of inspection of the deceased. Next, you call a ritual agent who will arrange transportation of the body to the cold store for preservation and help plan and organize the funeral.

The main document is a medical certificate of death.

For its registration it is necessary: the statement of death, the report of survey of the dead, the passport of the dead, his out-patient card (if it on hands) and the passport of the one who will be engaged in registration and will address to policlinic in the residence. After receiving the certificate to apply to the district Registrar for a certificate of death and filing of death certificate.

Our staff will help you to do it quickly and without wasting time.

According to our legislation, every citizen of Ukraine can get a place for burial. In every town and region there is a list of the cemeteries in which burials can be carried out. The plot is allocated only upon presentation of documents on the occurrence of death. To see a list of places you need to go to the cemetery.

The deceased decided to wear all new, clean. Clothes should be closed, with long sleeves, cut low at the neck (neckline), skirt length for women — not above the knee.
Clothing should fit well in size. If a person in life has prepared a suit or dress for a funeral, his desire is important to fulfill. There's a tradition of putting your favorite things in a coffin.
If the body of the deceased is in the morgue, you must take:

For women: lingerie; stockings (or tights), dress with long sleeves, scarf on the head (not black), shoes (or Slippers).

For men: underwear; socks, t-shirt, shirt, tie, suit, hat, shoes/Slippers.

The main ritual accessories are:

  • cross;
  • coffin;
  • ritual veil (shroud);
  • funeral garments;
  • wreaths and baskets with mourning ribbons;
  • candles, lamps.

Mandatory attribute of the burial of Orthodox Christians is the cross – symbol of salvation and victory over death. The cross can be made of any material: wood; metal; marble; bronze; granite.

Due to the fact that at first earth at the burial site of sags, crosses and monuments set a year after the burial. Originally put on the grave a wooden cross – the testimony of non-possession of the deceased and a reminder of the sacrifice of Christ. Candles and lamps are also an important ritual attributes. They symbolize repentance and prayerful burning before the Lord.

The Grave is considered a place of eternal stay of the dead, and the coffin, according to Orthodox beliefs, becomes his new "house". Following a long tradition, "housing" the deceased in our day try to make beautiful and comfortable, so the selection of a casket pay special attention.

Laying flowers on the grave – a long tradition that help to Express grief and your feelings to the deceased. Funeral wreaths, branches and memory baskets are of natural or artificial flowers. Floral arrangements complement mourning ribbons, which bring words of sorrow and support to the family of the deceased.

The choice is personal, depending on family traditions, religious beliefs and other factors, both financial opportunities and the will of the deceased.

Cremation is a kind of funeral in which the body of the deceased is burned in a special furnace at a temperature of about a thousand degrees Celsius, during one and a half to two hours, before the formation of ash. Subsequently, the ashes placed in an urn and given to the family for further disposal. Methods of burial are several: it can be a room of urns with ashes in the family grave, placing in a columbarium, or scattering some ashes.

Why do so many families choose burial rather than cremation? The word "cemetery" comes from the ancient Greek word, which literally means"sleeping place". Many cultures believe that death is a type of sleep, and burial is a method that allows the body to live forever and to decompose naturally. And another reason is tradition. The burial of the body of a loved one allows family and friends to visit the grave of the deceased and pay tribute to the deceased.

Burial or cremation is a very personal decision. It is important to remember that no matter what you choose, you have made the right choice.

Ritual Bureau VEK

Ritual Agency VEK exists for more than 10 years. The combination of long experience and modern approach to working with clients allows us to equally quickly and efficiently perform the funeral services of any complexity – from simple in the case of "normal" funeral, and developed in accordance with the individual wishes of the customer.

At the heart of the work we put the principle - the most tactfully and clearly fulfill the wishes of the client, regardless of its social status and financial capabilities.

Our credo is to help people who have suffered grief. we cooperate with many ritual enterprises, so we can in the coming minutes to know the cost and answer any question on the procedures for registration and organization of the funeral, ritual service.

The exhibition halls

Electrocar for ritual transportation

Commemorative glass with dust particles

Commemorative glass with dust particles

"For a long time I chose an urn in Kiev to bury the ashes in a columbarium. I was in different places, including a ritual agency near Baikov Cemetery, where the choice is so poor, and the prices are just cosmic and do not correspond to quality at all. To be precise, then for 4900 I was offered a “ballot box”, which is not worth even UAH 500, and it doesn’t look like a ballot box. I wanted a very simple and without monograms and stones. It is good that I found the VEK, as there is a very good choice and the prices for bronze urns are much cheaper than in other ritual stores. But the main thing is that the owner of the store and the girls who work there are very nice people. What is important at such moments. Thanks you!"

Lena Bel'o 15.03.2019

"Of the many offers of funeral services on the Internet, we chose this company. We came to them to choose a coffin with wreaths and place an order to organize the funeral of our grandfather. They have a large selection and normal prices. We were pleased with the good organization of the funeral."

ANTON PINCHYK 02.11.2018

"I want to express my great gratitude to the funeral bureau of the VEK. In such a difficult moment for the whole family, they took over all the funeral troubles. This greatly facilitates the decision. All organized very well, and most importantly, quickly, since there was not much time. For the price, everything is very loyal, they do not rip off people in such a situation. Thank you very much for such a funeral home. People need you. "


"In February needed funeral services for the funeral of his grandfather. Snowfall in Kiev added problems for transportation, but the Bureau VEK worked smoothly. Thanks."


"Thank you for your assistance in conducting a funeral for my mom at Christmas time. It turned out that the mountain we caught on the 6th of January and I needed maximum assistance and support for holding of mom's funeral. I advise this funeral home."


“Ordered the boys repatriation of his brother from Poland to Kiev. Good car. Correct the Manager. Thanks for your support!”

ALEXANDER 18.12.2017

"Collaborated with the Bureau of the VEK to organize transport of the body of my friend from Russia to Kiev. Delivered by plane. Thank you for consultation and assistance in registration of all documents".


“There wasn't quite enough space in Sprinter. Everything else was on the level. Ritual service with affordable services.”

CATHERINE 12.10.2016

"Ritual Bureau VEK - thank you very much. Really everything was at a decent level, though the funeral was cheap..."

ANNE 14.09.2016

"I ordered funeral services. From transport was two sprinters and hearse. Well prepared a place for the ceremony. Now guys look for the grave as I am not in Kiev. A good funeral service in Kiev."

ANDREI 05.07.2016

"The funeral bureau of the CENTURY helped us a lot with organizing the funeral of our grandmother, the bureau staff did almost everything themselves. The funeral was held at the highest level and did not cost us much. Thank you very much!"

Marina Sivolnik 22.07.2019

All prices for funeral services (from [current_date])

We offer 6 basic packages of services for a complex funeral.
  • Wooden coffin, covered with cloth
  • Funeral set: bedspread (tulle), pillow
  • Church set
  • Catafal transport for 15 seats (around the city)
  • Funeral brigade (4 people)
  • Cross grave (pine)
  • Wreath of artificial flowers (2pcs)
4500 UAH
  • Wooden coffin, covered with cloth
  • Funeral set: bedspread (tulle), pillow
  • Church set
  • Cross grave (pine)
  • Wreath of artificial flowers (2pcs)
  • Catassal transport for 20 seats (around the city)
  • Funeral brigade (4 people)
  • Priest
  • Delivery of items of ritual
  • Making funeral arrangements
6500 UAH
  • The coffin is wooden, covered with satin with a varnished overlay
  • Funeral package: blanket (satin), pillow
  • Church set
  • Ritual towels (2 pcs)
  • Cross grave (oak)
  • Wreath of artificial flowers 150 cm (4 pieces)
  • Catasque minibus (Mercedes) for 20 seats (around the city)
  • Funeral brigade (4 people)
  • Priest
  • The funeral manager
  • Departure of the ritual agent to the customer
  • Execution of a package of documents
  • Photographic portrait
  • Delivery of items of ritual
  • Making funeral arrangements
10600 UAH
  • Coffin lacquered (prestige class)
  • Funeral package: blanket (satin), pillow
  • Church set
  • Cross grave (oak)
  • Ritual towels (2 pcs)
  • Ritual shawls
  • Wreath of artificial flowers 180 cm (4 pieces)
  • Accompanying minibus (Mercedes) for 20 seats (around the city)
  • Hearse (limousine), Funeral brigade (4 people)
  • Priest
  • The funeral manager
  • Departure of the ritual agent to the customer and escort
  • Execution of a package of documents
  • Photographic portrait (2pcs)
  • Delivery of items of ritual
  • Making funeral arrangements
22500 UAH
  • Coffin lacquered
  • Funeral kit (elite)
  • Church set
  • Author's wreath 180 cm (4 pieces)
  • Ritual towels (2 pcs), Ritual shawls
  • Cross grave (elite class)
  • Accompanying minibus (Mercedes) for 20 seats (around the city) (2 pcs)
  • Hearse (elite class limousine)
  • Burial-service team (6 people)
  • Priest, Funeral manager
  • Departure of the ritual agent to the customer and full support
  • Musicians (saxophone, violin, brass band)
  • Execution of a package of documents
  • Photographic portrait (2 pcs.)
  • Tent for farewell at the burial place
  • Drapery cloth graves
  • Delivery of items of ritual
  • Making funeral arrangements
53700 UAH
  • Coffin lacquered double-lined (premium class)
  • Funeral package (premium)
  • Church set
  • Ritual towels (2 pieces), ritual scarves
  • Cross grave (author's)
  • Author's wreath from real flowers 180 cm (4 pieces)
  • Ekibana author's on the coffin of living flowers
  • Accompanying minibus (Mercedes) for 20 seats (around the city) (2 pcs)
  • Accompaniment of first aid
  • Hearse (premium class limousine)
  • Funeral service team (6 people)
  • Priest, ceremonies master of the funeral
  • Departure of the ritual agent to the customer and full support
  • Musicians (saxophone, violin, brass band)
  • Execution of a package of documents
  • Photographic portrait (2 pcs.), Ritual elevator
  • Tent for farewell at the burial place
  • Drapery cloth graves
  • Delivery of items of ritual
  • Making funeral arrangements
142300 UAH

Price for ritual goods

Product NamePrice
Coffins for funeralsfrom 700 UAH;
Cross to the gravefrom 400 UAH;
Funeral Wreathsfrom 400 UAH;
Ritual bedspreadsfrom 120 UAH;
Wreaths of fresh flowersfrom 2000 UAH;
Men's Funeral Clothingfrom 750 UAH;

Prices for funeral services

Service namePrice
Decoration of the place in the cemeteryfrom 1800 UAH;
Cremationfrom 2000 UAH;
Minimal cremation5600 UAH;
Musical accompanimentfrom 800 UAH;
Rent a hearsefrom 8500 UAH;
Cargo 200. Transportation of body in Ukrainefrom 5 UAH per 1 km.
Transport of body to EU1,5 euro per 1 km.
Embalming at homefrom 1600 UAH;
Morgue servicesfrom 2000 UAH;
Memorial lunchesfrom 120 UAH;
The average cost of a funeral dinner for one person180-200 UAH;
The mourning of funeral days

*The first day is the day of death