The funeral bureau VEK

The funeral bureau VEK has been rendering its services to the residents of Kiev since 2016. The leading features of the company's work are the availability of services and their high quality. Employees of the funeral bureau BEK adhere to high moral and ethical standards and do not impose on customers unnecessary offers, but always provide maximum assistance to those who need it.

The death of a loved one is the greatest loss of all. Sometimes the relatives of the deceased are not ready for the funeral of moral, sometimes - financially. Thanks to the funeral bureau of the VEK, relatives are freed from the eerie paperwork, the need to travel to different places and settle a lot of small, but such necessary questions - the bureau employees take up all this. In addition, the burial is carried out in such a way as to honor the dead person on his last journey and invest in the financial limit.

Director of the ritual bureau VEK - Yuri Filimonenko

директор ритуального бюро век

The funeral bureau of VEK differs the most spectrum of services among all other organizations of similar family.

We will help the family of the deceased:

  1. Arrange a funeral at all stages.
  2. Call a ritual agent who will give all the necessary information and help resolve all possible issues.
  3. Conduct the cremation of the body.
  4. Use, if necessary, the services of the mortuary (extension of the body's stay, dressing the deceased, cosmetic procedures, elimination of the visual defects of the deceased).
  5. Hire a hearse to transport the body, and if necessary - to organize a more large-scale transportation.
  6. To conduct the deceased on his last journey with the musicians.
  7. Get professional medical help if the relatives of the deceased need it.
  8. Carry goods 200.
  9. Invite a priest to the funeral for a funeral rite.
  10. To conduct a VIP burial.
  11. Prepare a place for burial (coordination of a choice of a place, digging a hole).
  12. At the request of relatives, photo and video can be organized.
  13. Refinement of the grave after the funeral (installation of the cross, laying of wreaths, fresh flowers).
  14. To worry about the memorial table (order of a cafe or restaurant, guest service, menu).

The funeral bureau of the VEK is fully responsible for the entire organization of the burial from the moment the order is received to the completion of the funeral procession. And in this case, the quality of services does not depend on the amount of money spent on burial. The bureau staff at a high professional level work with all who need it. In no case, the relatives of the deceased are left alone with the misfortune, since the bureau staff insure the burial process at all stages.

When ordering a package of funeral services at the funeral home of the VEK, the relatives of the deceased can get rid of bureaucratic delays and focus on supporting those who are also hard at this hour.