Seeing a loved one in the last way, I want to properly Express love and respect. This can be done with the help of a beautiful and representative coffin ELITE class. Elite coffins are distinguished by exquisite design and fine finish. They are made of high-quality wood, and can be decorated at the request of the customer in a special way.

In the exhibition hall of the funeral home VEK presents the entire line of elite coffins from world manufacturers. The goods are always available.

Coffins series ELITE with delivery.
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Photo VIP coffins from the funeral home VEK

How to choose a coffin for a funeral ceremony

Buy elite coffin in Kiev, you can ritual Agency. All products are available. Samples with elegant interior decoration are chosen not only for people who have occupied a high position in life. When buying a coffin you need to consider the height and weight of the deceased, that the body was lying freely. In assortment there are with different types of a cover:

  • folding;
  • removable;
  • double-wing.

A rich selection of textiles to create a unique funeral songs. The beauty of the last ceremony is guaranteed.

Vip coffin is always representative, stylish and impressive. The last memory of the dead is sure to be bright, if he will be laid to rest in decent shelter.

You can buy an elite coffin with delivery to any city of Ukraine. Masterfully mastered the art of creating elite coffins, the Agency offers the best prices to customers. The cost of goods depends on the type of material from which it is made, interior and exterior finish, the presence of handles.

The last refuge should adorn a loved one who has gone to another world. Buying an elite coffin for him is the last way to Express your respect and recognition.

Elite coffin for a memorable and dignified funeral

White coffins emphasize the purity and kindness of the deceased. Delicate products are ideal for the female. Lacquered coffins look well-groomed and beautiful. They allow not to worry about damages during transportation. Two-winged sarcophagi-original models that leave open only part of the body.

Attentive to the wishes of customers, employees try to do everything to the end result to satisfy them. Each order is individually suited, given the heavy feelings of the buyer during the selection of the coffin.

Each coffin in the portfolio is unique in its kind. The variety of interior decoration design is striking. High – quality fabrics, precious stones, crosses-all this creates a unique image. Employees can choose textiles by color, based on the last outfit of the deceased.

Spectacular ritual accessories is something that every person is worthy of. Having bought a solid sample of natural wood, you can be sure of the attractive appearance of the coffin and its durability.
Thanks to the rich choice to determine the model of the coffin of the ELITE level can be in a short time. Experts advise about each product, tell about their features and help you choose the right one. Calm about the decent conduct of a loved one in the last way is expensive.