Funeral organization

Assistance in conducting the funeral
The organization and carrying out of funeral
The loss of a loved one is a serious challenge that all families go through. The organization of the funeral process in a state when all are lost and grieved, it becomes a difficult thing, so the ritual Bureau of the VEK is ready to provide you with comprehensive assistance in this matter and take all the main trouble.
We will consult and perform support at all stages, where it is necessary to direct participation of relatives, and fully implement those tasks that can be carried out without their participation, on their own.

What is necessary for the funeral?

In order to organize the funeral in Kiev became possible, relatives are required first of all a certain package of documents. It is worth noting such a list of papers, which is required in most cases:

  • The death certificate at the registry office - it is the main authorization document for the funeral. Is available in stamp form. Initially, it is important to react correctly to death, call doctors and police officers, and then get a document in the clinic at the place of residence. The document in the registry office is issued on the basis thereof. Sometimes this procedure is complicated – if a person died not at home, on the road, and in General in another country, we are always ready to help you with the solution of such issues.
  • Contract with the transport service, if it is necessary to transport the body – we will solve this issue on their own.
  • Help from SOSES, which will allow to receive a funeral allowance.

Lists of expenses for the organization and conduct of the funeral

Thus, the holding of funeral is possible in the presence of a small package of documents and collect them for a long time is not necessary. In most cases, it is enough to have one death certificate, other papers may be at the discretion of relatives. Upon receipt of the papers necessary to check them and also try to fill out forms correctly, following the samples that are posted in prominent places – for errors organizing and conducting the funeral will be complicated by the need to re-obtain the papers. In a state of shock and grief from losing someone, the mistakes are not so uncommon, try to avoid them.
Further the list of services and acquisitions from which there is an amount in which the full organization of a funeral will cost is formed.

организация похорон

Ritual Bureau of the VEK is a list of details, prescribing each acquisition, and the full estimate will include the cost of the acquisition of land for the grave, coffin, wreaths, clothes, rent a hall for farewell, commemoration.

Funeral ECONOMY class – 4500 UAH

Further the list of services and acquisitions from which there is an amount in which the full organization of a funeral will cost is formed. If the funeral economy option is carried out, many additional services can be excluded, for example, do not invite the orchestra. If, on the contrary, we are talking about a high-class funeral, the presence of musicians will be useful. These and many other services remain at the discretion of relatives in any case. Next, assistance in organizing the funeral will involve the organization of memorials – this is the last stage. Sometimes commemorated in the home and family, but most of this is leased for a cafe or other institution.

Assistance in organizing funerals at any budget

Funeral VEK are ready to help to conduct any phases of the funeral, or to take on the task of organizing this event entirely. We work with our clients regardless of budget-there will be solutions for any occasion. Tactful experts will help you calm down a little and make the right decision at each stage, will do everything to ensure that this difficult event was as easy as possible for your heart and hearts of all those who mourn for the deceased.