Cremation services
Cremation – one of the oldest types of burial of the human body, and in the last century this tradition is actively revived. This approach has many advantages in all respects, and in particular:
  • environmentally friendly;
  • quick-running event (cremation time is about 3 hours);
  • affordable price (full complex of cremation turnkey 5600 UAH);
  • the area of burial of ashes is almost 100 times smaller than the usual coffin with the body, which saves space.
Many people would prefer cremation to normal burial – it is believed that it is a faster way to release the spirit when the human body does not have to endure decay in the ground. The body is mineralized in the ground for 50 years, and in the case of cremation it happens almost instantly.
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Cremation in Kiev

How much is cremation with a full range of services. An integrated approach to cremation together with the parting, all the rituals will cost a minimum amount of RS 5,600. The real standard cost of complex cremation from 7000 to 8500 UAH. If you are interested in how much it costs to carry out cremation in Kiev in detail, indicate:
  1. Reading of the ritual – 240 UAH;
  2. holding a memorial service – from 120 UAH;
  3. a Funeral urn for ashes – from 100 to 10000 UAH;
  4. burning of the coffin with the body of the deceased - 450 UAH;
  5. rent of a hall for farewell with musical accompaniment - from 330 UAH;
  6. the
  7. rental of the hearse for transportation to the crematorium – from 850 UAH.
The specific and final amount for each case will depend on the range of services provided. If you turn with his trouble in funeral Bureau AGE, the cost of services cremation in any case will remain reasonable and democratic – unwarranted extra charges we not do. Cremation – one of the oldest types of burial of the human body, and in the last century this tradition is actively revived.
Carrying out cremation is inexpensive. Call around the clock!
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Cremation in Kiev – is available to all

киевский крематорий
Cremation in Kiev crematorium available to everyone, open and always operates Kiev crematorium, equipped with special ovens. It is here that human cremation is carried out, which is the process of burning the body at very high temperatures, which are achieved by supplying gases to the furnace.

Address and schedule of the Kiev crematorium

Address: Baikova street 16 (near the Baikove cemetery).
Schedule: from 9:00 to 17:00 (Mon-Thu); from 9:00 to 16:00 (Friday).

How does the cremation process go?

The body in the crematory is burned together with the coffin, which should be made of combustible material. Kiev crematorium has a special room, which can be held farewell to the deceased, and at the request of relatives they can also be present when diving the coffin into the oven.

After burning the body at temperatures slightly less than a thousand degrees remains dust, which is mainly bone residue and has the form of white powder – it is immersed in an urn. In terms of infections, the ashes are completely safe, since the organic composition is absent, it completely burns out at such temperatures. The amount of dust from the body of an adult will be about 4-4.5 liters. Taking into account all the advantages of this approach, its simplicity and environmental friendliness, does not surprise him growing popularity – cremation services are in increasing demand. And therefore for cremation it is necessary to book time in advance.

Ritual Agency VEK is ready to take on these and many other troubles when choosing in favor of body cremation, to provide you with comprehensive assistance in the difficult moment of farewell to a loved one.

кремация в Киеве