Rent of funeral halls

Funeral room for goodbyes
Rent of funeral halls in Kiev
When irreparable misfortune knocked the house, I want to hide the bitterness of loss from prying eyes and worthy to say goodbye to forever gone man. For these purposes, a ritual hall is available for rent, where relatives, friends and colleagues, all who knew and loved the deceased, will be able to stand near the coffin with his body or urn with ashes in front of the wires in the last path.

Purpose of the hall for farewell

The memorial service for the deceased can be held in the format of a secular ceremony, and in the form of Church services. If the latter, as a rule, occurs in the temple, then for the mourning meeting near the coffin with the body of the deceased person should find a special place. It could be:

  • ritual hall;
  • the funeral site;
  • cemetery;
  • territory near the last place of residence or work of the deceased.

Having chosen the ceremonial hall for farewell, the relatives of a person who has gone to another world can be sure that the ritual will take place in a proper way. Mourning atmosphere is not disturbed by strangers, inappropriate sounds or adverse weather conditions.

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The types of funeral halls, funeral bureau from VEK:

Depending on the size of funeral halls are divided into:
  1. Small – holds 20-30 people, the closest circle of relatives and friends of the deceased.
  2. Average – to deposit 40-60 people, there is a rest room where invited, powerless before weight of losses, can stay some time.
  3. Large – with a capacity of up to 100 people with a special place where musicians performing funeral solemn melodies can be accommodated.
  4. All rooms are equipped with ventilation, heating and air conditioning, toilets and small kitchen-dining rooms. After each civil service, they are thoroughly disinfected with environmentally friendly products, ventilated and maintained at a temperature appropriate for a certain time of the year.


The design of the ceremonial space

ритуальный зал для прощания от бюро ВЕК

Ritual hall

ритуальный зал для прощания ВЕК

Ritual hall for farewell in Kiev

Variants of decoration of the hall depend on the wishes of relatives. The ceremony can be as modest, without unnecessary attributes, and status, decoration with flowers, music and intercoms.

Ritual hall for farewell should be equipped with the following elements:

  • pedestal for a coffin with a body or urn with the remains of the deceased;
  • portable seating for family and friends;
  • a place to set the lid of the coffin;
  • space for ritual flower arrangements, wreaths and baskets;
  • place for candles, lamps and religious symbols;
  • stand for the portrait of the deceased.

At the request of relatives is possible to install small bleachers for those who want to say a Eulogy about a deceased person, as well as fences and small screens. Floral, musical and light decoration of the ceremony, decoration of the hall will create a special festive atmosphere of farewell, befitting regret of the moment.

Terms of rent hall for farewell

Ritual farewell hall in Kiev is available for civil funeral services and funeral services for rent by the hour. It is possible to involve special services in the organization of action or to carry out it on call of heart or desire of the deceased.

The better the ceremony of farewell to the deceased, the calmer and easier it will be for his family and friends. Everyone, regardless of the material status or social status he possessed, deserves worthy honors before the wires in the last way and the betrayal of his remains to the earth.