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July 25, 2018

Elite funeral. The funeral arrangements are at a high level

A Funeral is a sad, tragic event in the life of any person. The mourning organization of this process, the relatives and friends of the deceased try to Express their feelings, pay their last tribute and honor their memory. To think over all moments and not to miss anything, often there is not enough time, and, above all - forces. At such moments, come to the aid of funeral agencies that take care of the organization of such an event.


Elite funerals held:

  • for celebrities-actors, writers, politicians, etc., which implies a large number of present, there is a need to ensure order;
  • for people with high social status, businessmen whose relatives do not want the presence of outsiders.

the Main feature elite funeral is drawing up a clear plan of organization and the lack of need for constant involvement of the customer. The funeral home provides personal managers who are responsible for supervising each action from the beginning to the end of the ceremony.

the Funeral home, an organization dedicated to the elite of the funeral, aim to facilitate the client the process of organizing this event and to provide an opportunity to hold someone close in the last journey.

Ritual agents help the customer:

  • decide on the choice of an exclusive coffin, which is made of expensive wood according to the selected design, pick up clothes, wreaths and other funeral paraphernalia, which will correspond to the high social status of the deceased;
  • transport the deceased to the morgue and to the place of burial on the hearse, as well as provide comfortable transport for the movement of attendants, if necessary, ambulance;
  • execute all necessary documentation;
  • prepare and decorate the place of the farewell ceremony, the burial place and the surrounding area, fresh flowers, draperies; provide, if necessary, the installation of a singumator (Elevator, with which the coffin falls into the grave), special ritual bowls for the earth, places for saying goodbye;
  • to organize accompaniment of the coffin with a brass band, to organize a funeral meal, a funeral service and other necessary attributes in accordance with the wishes of the customer, as well as the religious beliefs of the deceased.