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Photo fabric coffins from the funeral home VEK

The coffin of the economy characterized by a universal design, usability and low price. Most often used for it satin upholstery. It can be made in different colors:

  • red;
  • blue;
  • amber;
  • brown;
  • black.

For the body of the coffin take an array of spruce or pine, which is well dried, sanded and upholstered in soft material. Use silk, cotton, brocade, calico, velvet.

To buy a coffin in Kyiv inexpensively in a specialty Bureau CENTURY. Loyal prices-the cost of cheap models starts from 700 UAH. Regular fabric the coffin will allow the deceased to bestow due honor. Its cover can be either hinged or removable. The first option is popular in Europe, the second is considered a classic.

In order not to miscalculate the size of the coffin, need to know the height of the deceased and the width of his waist. Sometimes to growth add 10 centimeters, to body all was a comfortable experience. The width of the coffins are divided into:

  • standard;
  • special decks;
  • decks.

To stay satisfied with the result, you should consult with the office Manager. He will help determine the size.

Cheap coffins in the range have different colors-emerald, Burgundy, turquoise, walnut. Based on financial capabilities, you can choose the best price model. Despite the budget, fabric coffins are extremely durable and strong. They are made by experienced craftsmen, so they are so exquisite and majestic. Wood products are ideal for expressing respect, sadness and love to the deceased. After all, it does not matter how expensive the coffin will be – it matters to pay attention.

A variety of options for inexpensive coffins in the Bureau of the CENTURY

Knowing how difficult the period of loss of loved one can be, the staff of the Bureau does everything to make the process of ordering the coffin as easy as possible. They take care of all the nuances, so that the customer can not worry about buying. Having paid enough attention to attribute of a funeral ceremony, it is possible to be sure that did everything possible to carry out adequately in the last way of the close person.

Fabric coffins made of softwood, can be filled in different ways:

  • ray;
  • smooth surface;
  • corrugation;
  • combined.

The material inside made of delicate shades of white, cream, blue. To give a more attractive edge, decorated with lace or ruffles. If a man died, it is preferable to choose a black fabric for upholstery. The dead more suited flamboyant fabric-red, Golden or beige.

Unlike lacquered models, the budget coffin doesn’t hit the family budget. Its characteristics will satisfy even the most demanding customers. The price depends on the wood used, upholstery fabric, additional decorative elements.