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July 24, 2018

How to behave at the funeral of loved ones

Sooner or later a person faces death – relatives, close friends, colleagues. Funeral is not just a process of burying the coffin with the deceased in the ground, and the whole ritual, requiring strict adherence to certain rules.
Seeing off the deceased in the last journey, many people cause panic fear and even horror. And this is understandable, because the funeral procedure is shrouded in numerous mysterious and mystical rules and signs.
older People believe that mistakes made during the funeral, can condemn the soul of the deceased to suffering, as well as bring sorrow alive. That is why every person should know how to behave at the funeral and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

funeral behavior


  1. funeral Behavior.
    1. How to behave at the funeral of a relative.
    2. how to behave at the funeral of a loved one.
    3. how to behave at a mother’s funeral.
    4. how to behave at a friend’s funeral.
  2. behavior on funeral on a graveyard of.
  3. correct behavior during the memorial dinner.
  4. Signs at a funeral.
  5. Pregnant at a funeral (omens).
  6. what not to do on funeral (funeral rules).

Funeral Behavior

In most cases, the funeral ceremony is held on the second or third day after the death of a person. Before that, the body of the deceased must be prepared. Main stages of the preparatory process:

  • ablution;
  • changing clothes;
  • resting lithium;
  • the funeral service.

The deceased must be washed with clean water, then wipe dry. This is done to ensure that a person gets to heaven perfectly clean. This is followed by the dressing up – the deceased is dressed in new clothes.

An obligatory part of the Orthodox funeral is a funeral lithium and the funeral service. About 1-2 hours before the removal of the body of the deceased from the premises of the priest conducts funeral service and sprinkles the deceased with Holy water. The funeral service is held just before the burial and consists of several chants and prayers. It is believed that only after that the deceased is ready to appear before God.

How to behave at the funeral of a relative

How to behave at the funeral of a native person? This question often arises before people who have not attended farewell ceremonies for a long time. This period is the most difficult for close relatives, as they face not only a huge grief, but also the organization of the burial of the deceased. They need to go to the appropriate authorities to obtain a death certificate.
Fortunately, today there is a huge number of funeral services that will take over all the stages of preparation for the funeral, eliminating the need for relatives. Ritual service is engaged in the organization of not only the farewell ceremony, but also a memorial dinner.

Important rules to follow when burying a relative:

  1. Next to the coffin with the deceased must be someone from the family or friends, the deceased should not be alone in the room.
  2. After death, you should close all the mirrors with a thick cloth – it is believed that the soul of the deceased may go through the looking glass.
  3. Chairs or other pieces of furniture on which the coffin was standing should be turned upside down and left in this position for 24 hours after the funeral.
  4. Water, which washed the deceased, should be poured in a deserted, deserted place.
  5. a Comb, soap and other objects, which were used for washing dead, necessarily need put an in the coffin of the.

Close relatives should wear exclusively black clothes and shoes for the funeral ceremony. Women need to cover their hair with black shawls. Traditionally, it is believed that during the funeral close relatives should be on the left side of the coffin, and friends and acquaintances – on the right. After the funeral the relatives of the first presented wreaths, and after them others.

how to behave at the funeral of a loved one

how to behave at a funeral close
Going to the funeral, you should pay special attention to your clothes. The best option will be the things of traditional black color, which has long been a symbol of mourning and grief. Black can be replaced by other dark shades-brown, blue, green.

Of course, the funeral ceremony is not the best place for bright colors, deep neckline, high cuts or short skirts. Such clothing would be offensive to the relatives of the deceased. Similar restrictions apply to makeup, which should be as natural and neutral as possible.
It is customary to come to the funeral with a bouquet of flowers, which should be an even number or a wreath with a funeral ribbon. It is necessary to approach the relatives and friends of the deceased and Express condolences.

During the funeral, it is prohibited to talk loudly, to laugh or to discuss any of the others. If a relative of the deceased or another person became ill, be sure to support him and help. Therefore, it is best to carry a few extra handkerchiefs and sedative medicine.

Answering the question how to behave during the funeral, it should be remembered that the organization of the farewell ceremony rests on the shoulders of close relatives and friends of the deceased. And so it will be right to help with the organization of the funeral, including to provide all possible financial assistance.

how to behave at your mother’s funeral

The death of a mother is a great loss for children, regardless of their age. But children need not only to survive the bitterness of loss, but also to organize a farewell to the mother. Traditionally, farewell is divided into three main stages:

  • preparation for the funeral ceremony;
  • funerals;
  • Wake.

The children can arrange the funeral of the mother themselves or seek help from the funeral Agency. The date and time of the burial of relatives and friends reported by phone.
The basic rules of the funeral of parents are no different from the usual funeral ceremony. Before carrying the coffin out of the house is best to ask someone from relatives to bring ammonia, validol or other sedative.

After the funeral, mother’s children invite all gathered for dinner, after taking care of the necessary transportation. After lunch, children can pass food from the table to relatives and friends who were not present at the funeral to honor the memory of the deceased.

how to behave at a friend’s funeral

The news of the death of a person is sent by relatives by phone or by mail. In case of death of a close friend, it is believed that you can come to the funeral without notice, because the grieving relatives could just forget about one of the friends.

After arriving at the house of a deceased friend, you must come to his relatives and Express condolences, if you want – to hug and offer your help. A few rules of conduct at a friend’s funeral:

  1. During the funeral ceremony, you need to turn off your mobile phone.
  2. Do not scream or talk loudly.
  3. If desired, before the burial, we can say a few good words about the deceased.
  4. You should not hold back tears – if you want to cry, at the funeral you can give vent to your feelings.
  5. During the farewell ceremony, you may not drink alcohol or eat any food.

The organizers of the funeral ceremony can ask a friend of the deceased to carry the lid of the coffin – in any case should not be refused, as this is considered disrespect for the deceased and his family.

Behavior at the funeral in the cemetery

There are several rules of conduct in the cemetery, which must be observed during the farewell procession. For example, everyone knows that it is strictly forbidden to cross the road on the street of the funeral procession. This is considered a harbinger of a bad event.

The coffin cover should be hammered only on a cemetery, but in no case in the yard of the house. This threatens to kill another member of the family. For the same reason, it is forbidden to dig a grave of too large a size.

It is not recommended to go before the coffin, which is also considered a bad sign. the Relatives are not allowed to carry the coffin, it can only do the friends and colleagues of the deceased. You can enter the cemetery through the gate, and exit is allowed through the gate.< / strong>

In no case should not invest in a coffin with the deceased coins, photos or any other things. It is believed that in this way a dead person can “attract” someone from the living. Before burial, hands and feet of the deceased must be removed from the rope with which they were bound, and then put in the coffin. A memorial dinner is mandatory after the funeral.

Correct behavior during the memorial dinner

When answering the question how to behave at funeral repast, it should be remembered that regardless of the status of the deceased person, dinner should be as modest and restrained as it is a tribute to the memory of the deceased, and not a solemn event. For the same reason, a Wake should not be arranged in an expensive restaurant.
One of the closest relatives invites to the memorial dinner on behalf of the whole family. As a rule, at the head of the table is the spouse of the deceased person, on the sides – relatives, friends and colleagues.

Special attention is paid to the table setting-it is best to use a single-color tablecloth and dishes, without bright ornaments. Traditionally, during the funeral dinner forks and knives are not used, only spoons. For this reason, instead of bread, pies or soft rolls are served on the table, which can be broken by hands.

Before you start the meal, the head of the family says the funeral speech about the deceased. Among the dishes that must be present at the memorial dinner, can be distinguished:

  • kutya;
  •  kutya for Wake

  • mashed potatoes;
  • soup, borsch or ear;
  • borscht for wakes

  • fresh vegetable salad;
  • beet salad at Wake

  • meat, cutlets or fish;<
  • pies;
  • pancakes;
  • compote.

The issue of alcoholic beverages is decided by the relatives of the deceased independently. It should be remembered that the memorial dinner is not a celebration, it should be attended only by simple, modest dishes.

Funeral Signs

There are special signs during the funeral, which should know every person who came to the funeral ceremony. Old people say that the signs associated with the funeral must be observed, as they can cause trouble in case of failure.

  1. burial Clothes should be new and clean.
  2. Shoes of the deceased should be soft and have backdrops, can not be buried in sandals or sandals.
  3. the Deceased is sure to sing in the Church.
  4. in case a person died in hospital, he must be brought before burial to his home.
  5. after leaving the funeral car from the yard in the house you need to sweep and wash the floors, but not relatives.
  6. the broom And other accessories, with which cleaning was carried out, you need to throw in a deserted place.
  7. Children must be present at the funeral ceremony only if absolutely necessary.
  8. In the room with the dead man you can not let cats, dogs or any other animals.
  9. Handkerchiefs to be used to wipe away tears should be thrown into the grave.
  10. you Need to be careful not to leave your belongings in the cemetery.

Signs in the cemetery must be observed, because it will help to avoid many troubles, especially if the person is superstitious.

Pregnant at funeral

pregnant at funeral
For many centuries, it has been believed thatpregnant women are forbidden to attend the funeral . The mystical explanation of this rule is due to the fact that pregnancy is the period of the birth of a new life, and death is the time of leaving this world.

In addition, a pregnant woman gets a huge charge of negative emotions during the funeral ceremony, which is a serious danger to the growth and development of the child.

What is not to be done at a funeral?

 funeral rules
Signs on the day of the funeral indicate that it is categorically impossible to do neither relatives nor friends of the deceased. Strictly forbidden:

  • When carrying out a coffin from the house to look in a mirror or a window;
  • To give away 40 days things of the deceased;
  • Flowers from the cemetery or the house of the deceased should not be taken away in any case;
  • While the coffin with the dead man is in the house, it is impossible to sweep;
  • After burial on a cemetery it is impossible to drink alcohol.

Funeral is a ritual that requires strict observance of special rules of conduct. They allow with all honors and respect to lead a loved one to the last journey.

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