funeral wreaths


Funeral wreaths

A funeral wreath is a mandatory attribute of the funeral, without this element, Orthodox funeral is practically not carried out.
The value of a funeral wreath:

  • burial place Decoration,
  • Impersonation of long and light memory,
  • Last gifts to the deceased from the living.

We present a wide range of wreaths for the funeral ceremony. We have in the catalog are ritual wreaths of 380 UAH. All the details about the price and delivery of the wreath, you can learn from our managers.

funeral wreaths from 380 UAH.

photo of funeral wreaths from the funeral home of the CENTURY

What is a funeral wreath

Funeral wreaths are made of natural plants and artificial materials, if we are talking about natural – here is used needles, which symbolizes long memory in hearts survivors, and buds flowers, which quickly wither, reminding us about fleeting human existence on earth.

However, the fact that living plants wither quickly causes wreaths of artificial flowers to become the most popular – they retain their original appearance for years, and this eliminates the need for constant updating, frequent visits to the burial site for care.

Ritual wreaths with delivery

If you are faced with such grief as the loss of a loved one, or want put in order the burial place, again laying on his ritual ornaments – our Agency is ready to provide you with wreaths delivered to Kiev.

We offer a wide range of funeral wreaths from 200 to 2000 UAH. Always available in different sizes and colors. Also, you can order a ribbon on a wreath with an individual inscription. the Wreaths taken issue with mourning ribbons, which shall be signed, from whom this wreath, or light words concerning the deceased. You can buy a ready-made wreath, or order a custom solution, buy one or more wreaths, all options are available.

We Offer ritual wreaths in Kiev are made of quality materials, and therefore they stand for a long time, becoming a decoration of the burial place, and not turning into garbage at the first whims of the weather.

Our specialists strive to create them in a restrained but solemn design, as it should be according to tradition. We always listen to the wishes of the customer, forming all necessary according to the framework of the available budget, all instructions and points important for the loved ones of the deceased.

funeral wreaths are delivered by the funeral home of the CENTURY, without delay, at the appointed time – please contact us at any time.