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Funeral covers with delivery

An obligatory part of funeral paraphernalia are ritual bedspreads. This subject is used not only in Christian, but also in Muslim traditions. Within the framework of the Christian worldview, the mourning veil is a symbol of the protection of Christ, a person's readiness to appear before God. The rite in which this attribute is used has not changed for centuries:

  • the body of the deceased must be covered with blanket up to the middle of the body;
  • then there is a funeral, farewell to the deceased;
  • the cleric closes the body completely.

Photo of funeral covers from the Bureau VEK. Price from 200 UAH

The funeral cover is an absolutely necessary item, it should be purchased in advance along with other ritual goods (coffin, mourning wreaths, cross, candles) used in Christian funerals.

What kind of funeral cover should be?

According to Orthodox traditions the blanket should be used only pure, light tones, often people choose pure white products. Embroidery and ornament on it are allowed, but the decoration of the fabric should be restrained. Ritual bedspreads can be of different types, they differ not only in color and the presence of jewelry, but also the type of fabric. Since the product should be expressed in a restrained, cold-solemn style, it is created from satin or silk, brocade. You can also buy products made of Batista and velvet, and the most budget solution is tulle.

Often the fabric is selected under the shade of the upholstery of the coffin, or Vice versa, in contrast to her. In demand are the covers under metallic, with a Golden tint. White, beige and cream shades are considered to be the most traditional for ritual fabrics. And religious mourning symbols can be applied to these materials by application. Often the cover is not bought separately, and immediately complete with a pillowcase and pillow, they can be designed in the same style, sewed from one material.

If you need to buy a ritual blanket with delivery in Kiev, ritual Bureau VEK is ready to offer you a wide range of funeral attributes. Bedspreads are offered in different colors and shades, there are both budget and luxury solutions – we always strive to adapt to the budget available to the client, to make only reasonable offers. All products from our catalogs can be provided with delivery, on simple and convenient conditions.