поминальный обед
Holding memorial dinners
Memorial dinners are the final stage of the funeral. During the funeral feast, people can pray for the repose of the soul of the deceased, to remember him. Hold a vigil usually several times:
  • In the day of the funeral,
  • On the third and ninth days,
  • On forty days, through six months and year.
The day of the funeral it is customary to collect a lot of people and remembrance is usually carried out in any institution. If you need to spend a memorial dinner in Kiev, ritual Bureau VEK is ready to provide all the necessary assistance and take care of all the troubles that become particularly burdensome for the relatives of the deceased in this difficult time for all. The cost of a memorial dinner in the cafe always remains within reasonable limits, we adhere to affordable prices, and are ready to offer our customers a wide range of cafes in each district of Kiev for a memorial meal.

Memorial meal and its holding

If you organize a Wake in Kiev with our ritual Bureau, you can consider a lot of cafes and halls to choose the best solution – closer to the cemetery or where all the loved ones will be more convenient to gather, with an orientation on prices and menus.

поминальный обед в кафе

To order a memorial lunch in Kiev

Ritual agency VEK is ready to help you with the organization of a memorial dinner, taking into account all the wishes. We can provide cooking of Lenten menu, musical accompaniment, necessary design – for example, fresh flowers, and much more.

The minimum price for one person-200 UAH.
The average menu price is 200-250 UAH.

Memorial dinners in every district of Kiev

Our experts will help you to choose the best place in a convenient area, book a hall, form a menu according to your discretion, capabilities and the number of persons. We will offer you only a memorial cafe, where all the ritual conditions (table setting, registration of dishes) will be met in full.

We will pick up a cafe for you in any district of Kiev: Goloseevsky district, Darnitsky district, Desniansky district, Dniprovsky district, Obolonsky district, Pechersky district, Podolsky district, Svyatoshinsky district, Solomensky district, Shevchenkivskyi district. You can always compare the menu and prices yourself.

Memorial dinner menu

As a rule, the funeral dinner includes traditional dishes, and the approach is generally accepted. Usually a lunch is composed of:
  • kutia, borsch or soup with homemade noodles;
  • mashed potatoes, buckwheat porridge;
  • pies, pastries, pancakes;
  • cutlets and chicken pieces, cutlets;
  • salted fish and pickles;
  • compote, sweets.
You can make a choice in favor of certain dishes yourself or just order a traditional solution for the right number of people. Our experts will monitor the full and competent implementation of all tasks.
поминальные обеды