Funeral wreaths made of fresh flowers with delivery

Since time immemorial, it has been customary for Christians to follow the last path of the deceased with fresh flowers. Tradition has survived to this day. To properly hold a loved one in the last way, to Express his respect, do not forget to take the funeral wreath, basket or mourning bouquet of flowers.

Wreaths of fresh flowers from 2500 UAH.

Order a wreath of fresh flowers from a professional florist ritual bureau VEK, then your wreath or bouquet will consist only of fresh flowers and will keep its appearance for more than 10 days.

Photos of funeral wreaths from bureau VEK

Make the funeral arrangement only after receiving the order

All flowers in bouquets and wreaths-the freshest, the composition is made immediately after receiving the order, when the florist manually forms it taking into account the wishes of the customer. Besides standard models of ritual compositions from fresh flowers-in our Agency you can place the order for exclusive mourning wreaths from fresh flowers which have to be in a set.

The types of funeral songs

Funeral Agency represents the next VEK floral composition of flowers:

  1. Bouquets – they are placed on the grave or on a special stand. Most often, mourning bouquets are collected one-sided and decorated with ribbons with inscriptions.
  2. Funeral wreath-have flowers on a special stand. It is important to note – each wreath has a frame, and its back is hung with a cloth, which makes the composition concise and complete. Also in this century there are special blocks – water tanks, allowing for a long time to preserve the freshness of the living flower.
  3. Ritual baskets of fresh flowers – with their help, relatives and friends of the deceased can Express their respect and give to the deceased. This basket is convenient to bring on a tomb in a memorable day after the funeral.
  4. It is also possible to place an order for the preparation of floral arrangements for the decoration of the funeral car, coffin, funeral halls, funeral cafe for the Wake.

Live floral arrangements, wreaths and baskets, bouquets bring on the grave of a loved man on the 9th and 40th day after the funeral, the anniversary of the death of all memorial days.

The value of each flower in the composition

In our ritual Agency in the preparation of floral arrangements professional florists take into account the value of each flower and its color, shade throughout the composition.

  • Red flowers – a symbol of the eternal in the world of love and the memory of the dead, expresses itself to the inevitability of the beginning of life and death.
  • The white flower is a sadness, and also tears on the deceased who left the world of people, Express transience of life and irreversibility of all process.
  • Blue shades – a symbol of the very heavens, and integrity, purity of heaven, where the soul of the deceased to ascend.
  • Shades of gold and yellow flowers is a symbol of the immortality of the human soul and its subsequent revival.
  • Green branches-a symbol of constant renewal in our earthly and heavenly life, its eternity and continuation.

Ritual wreaths and baskets, bouquets of fresh flowers can have both oval and round shape.