Elite funeral
Elite funeral (VIP funeral)
Elite funeral is a complex of services of a high degree of complexity, it is a funeral of a high class with a large number of invited, a wide range of the rendered services which need to be realized at the highest level. Such a mourning event is ordered in order to honor the memory of the deceased, to emphasize his achievements and say goodbye to him in a special way. In addition, VIP funerals may become mandatory due to the status of the deceased, the status of invited persons to the funeral.

VIP class funeral

Ritual service of the VEK is ready to provide a wide range of services for the organization and conduct of the funeral of the elite class. – we will take full responsibility for the implementation of all the tasks that you wish to assign to us, and the funeral ceremony of any complexity will be held as notes. In a situation where the hard feelings prevent to pay tribute to the organization of the funeral of a loved one, or if you find it difficult to navigate the features of funeral ceremonies, our Agency will take care of all the worries about the deceased and the conduct of elite funerals.

elite funerals

What is necessary for the funeral?

To elite funeral were successful, it is necessary to take into account once a huge variety of nuances, of great importance will be not only the main, but also secondary, as well as subtle moments at all. The choice of coffin for the body of the deceased, the selection of the restaurant and menu, transport and much more – all this will play a role, and will be able to emphasize the high status of what is happening, or Vice versa, to spoil the whole impression, even if the funeral was really invested a lot of money. There are many services and nuances that can emphasize the status, and we are ready to implement all the tasks with knowledge.

ритуальный транспорт

Holding funeral elite European level

To funeral took place at the highest level, it is necessary to remember the whole list of things, among which a special place:
  1. The work of an individual agent who will be able to solve the main and additional problems as they arise.
  2. Transfer-katafalk, buses, convenient transport premium for the desired number of persons.
  3. Necessary care for the body of the deceased, make - up, selection of clothing, sarcophagus or coffin premium.
  4. Preparing the ceremony of farewell, the funeral orchestra, live flowers, draperies of the grave walls, wreaths.
  5. Videography, creation of the obituary.
  6. Funeral elevator, the necessary religious ceremony.
  7. Selection of special places in the cemetery, and also burial in the family crypts.
  8. Dress code, special uniform for all employees working at the funeral.
  9. Rent a memorial hall, the design and conduct of the funeral meal.
In addition, the grave of a special person requires appropriate design in the future, and we are ready to perform not only these services, but also to order a tombstone, sculpture, fence, and more – so that the grave differs from many others, attracted attention, posthumously testified to the high status of the buried person.

To Order a luxury funeral in the funeral home CENTURY

In addition to these services, our experts are ready to perform a wide range of tasks on registration of documents, to ensure the implementation of the routine, because of which relatives of the deceased sometimes just give up. We work quickly and competently, we manage to execute objectives precisely and in time. A wide range of post – funeral services is also offered-among them it is worth noting the organization of commemorations, care of the grave, laying flowers on memorable dates. The loss of a loved one is a terrible grief for the family, and the funeral seems an impossible task, before which hands fall. Services of our Agency will allow to execute them on the highest level, having rendered the last honors to the deceased.

Photos of elite funeral