After-sales service

послепохоронное обслуживание
After-sales service
Funeral-this is not the final stage of farewell to the deceased, and buried a loved one, none of the relatives do not forget about the person. There are memorable dates that are specially created for commemoration, in order to restore the image of the deceased and his life. The commemoration is not complete without a visit to the cemetery, to the grave of the deceased, to bring order, make the last refuge of the body of the deceased is cozy, to create the necessary atmosphere. The disorder disturbs the grave of the heart, and ennobling the space, you can feel yourself becoming more pleasant to visit the grave on the respective memorial days.

Care of the grave, planting flowers

However, not everyone and not always have the opportunity to care for the grave. There may be many reasons:

  • Big load at work.
  • Permanent employment, business trips.
  • Health problem.
  • The remote location of the grave of your city or country.
Care of the grave is always relevant, but it is especially important to regularly implement it in the first years after the funeral. It is necessary to know that the earth during this period can sink, and it is necessary to constantly monitor a steady arrangement of a tombstone, to take measures for alignment of a ground. Our specialists will regularly carry out these works, if you do not have the opportunity to make visits to the cemetery several times a year.

послепохоронное обслуживание
Traditionally, plants and flowers are planted on the graves. If you do not have the opportunity to carry out such work and improve the space, or you do not know what plants are planted according to tradition, how to care for them – please contact us, and the problem will be solved. We will fulfill all your requests and requirements, provide quality results and confirm it with photos.

Organization of memorial dates

Remembrance of the deceased is held regularly, each religion has its own traditions in this regard. In a situation where you can not organize your own funeral, or there is no in the city, the specialists of the Bureau of the VEK will come to the rescue, organize and hold a memorial meal and invite all loved ones.

Legal assistance

Qualified legal assistance may be required in different situations and the Agency provides it in full. The specialists will help to prepare all the necessary documents, resolve the controversial issues of inheritance. Assistance is provided in confidence, on clear and favorable terms.

Psychological help

The loss of a loved one is a serious test that affects the psyche and nerves of even those people who have made a firm decision to think positively. Not always the psychological problem is revealed at the time of funeral and farewell to the deceased, sometimes awareness comes later, the personal characteristics of each person are individual. If you or your family needed help from a psychological plan, experts will provide it immediately, help to get rid of the negative.

послепохоронное обслуживание

Installation of a monument from granite

Granite monument-the traditional, the best method to perpetuate the memory of the deceased. Our agency offers services in creation and installation of such monument from granite.

The laying of flowers and wreaths

Laying funeral wreaths and baskets on the grave is a traditional manifestation of respect for the deceased, an expression of recognition. If you can not do it because of employment or departure – we will take the task, laying your chosen wreaths or flowers on the grave.