Calling a ritual agent
The ritual agent is the person in the burial agency of the CENTURY, whose task is to assist in the organization of the funeral. The death of a loved one is a severe shock for the whole family, and in such a situation it is not easy to make the right decision, and even more – to organize the funeral.

The funeral agent will readily accept the main part of the trouble in this matter, will help with the paperwork, the choice of necessary things in order to carry out the deceased in the last way. Our ritual agent will readily come to the house to the grieving to help them quickly resolve all issues without affecting or injuring anyone's feelings, but on the contrary, providing moral support.


Funeral agent services

What is ready to perform agent funeral services for their customers? Among its main services it is worth noting:

  • helps in registration of all necessary documents;
  • offers the options of burial and cremation;
  • selects a place in various cemeteries;
  • offers for consideration various options of ritual accessories, as well as services, focusing on the financial capabilities of the customer, working under a certain budget;
  • organizes transportation from the morgue to the cemetery and further memorials in accordance with the opinion of the customer and his choice.

Call the ritual agent in Kiev

похоронный агент
If your home or among your loved ones has befallen, call the funeral agent will relieve a lot of problems and conduct the funeral with dignity. Our agents come only on call – in order to contact us, just call the number listed on the site, and the agent will immediately go to you to provide all possible assistance.

If you contact our office VEK, adequately conducted funeral, included in the cost of an affordable budget, will be guaranteed. The agent will perform its work in detail and honestly, will help in all moments that will cause difficulty, will support you morally in this difficult hour.