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July 24, 2018

Flowers for funerals. What flowers are for the funeral

For the residents of Ukraine and other Slavic countries it is customary to bring only an even number of flowers to the burial place. For Christians, even numbers mean peace, tranquility, and death. As for the even number, they mean, on the contrary, the movement only forward. For people who died in the field of hostilities it was customary to bring two flowers – one relied dead man-the second to the Lord God. Thus were formed the cultural characteristics of our ancestors, which are used to this day.


  1. flowers for funeral – designation and role in Christian culture.
  2. What flowers bring to the funeral.
  3. How many flowers to take to the funeral.
  4. Is it possible to have fresh flowers at a funeral?
  5. Flowers at the funeral of a man.
  6. Flowers for a woman’s funeral.
  7. Flowers for children’s funeral.

flowers for funeral – designation and role in Christian culture.

carnations for funeral

bouquet of carnations for funeral

According to many florists, in case you have the bouquet of 12 flowers, their number is already unprincipled. Quite often presented from 2 to 8 flowering plants.
However, in another country, traditions are different from ours, so you need to ask before you bring flowers to the funeral.

what flowers bring to the funeral.

If you decide to give preference to natural colors, you should pay attention to those flowers that grow in your area. In the countries of the former Soviet Union presented:

  • Carnations of different colors and shades. Red and white carnations are more popular.
  • Lilies. These flowers buy white without mixing other shades.
  • roses are white And scarlet. This option is suitable for laying on the grave of a woman and a man.
  • Chrysanthemum of various colors. Persistent and beautiful flowers.
  • Orchids. A solid flower for a dead woman.

It is worth buying and flowers that the deceased person loved during his life. Often flowers complement coniferous trees, making a stunning bouquet. You can make the most unusual color combinations, the main thing that you liked and looked not too pretentious.

Bouquet of orchids for funeral

How many flowers do you take to a funeral?

The number of colors can be very different, but the number must be even. If the deceased person was not your family, you can limit yourself to two or four colors. For relatives it is possible to buy the bulk composition of flowers.
You can always use the help of professional florists who will tell you how to make the right choice.

Is it possible to have fresh flowers at a funeral?

Artificial and natural flowers can be presented at the funeral. There are no strict restrictions regarding this item. Artificial, as well as fresh flowers have their advantages. Artificial bouquets are often made in the form of wreaths, but there are flowers in a piece form. Artificial colors have the following advantages:

  1. these flowers last much longer than live specimens.
  2. the Price for such flowers is much lower than for natural.
  3. Wide selection. Such products are presented in large quantities. It is possible to purchase at any time of the year.

Should I buy fresh flowers or wreaths of fresh flowers? Buy these flowers is, however, it is necessary to understand that they are short-lived, though look decent. Thanks to the real colors, you can Express the warm feelings that you felt for the deceased. These flowers look presentable and aesthetically pleasing on the grave.
You can choose the color that you will like and loved the dead, so there is no clear framework.

flowers for the funeral of a man.

What flowers bring to the funeral of men-the main question is asking yourself every person. Choosing the right bouquet for a dead man is not easy. For the funeral of a man, relatives buy flowers with bright shades: black, white, red. These colors symbolize grief and good attitude to the man. There are shades of colors that are categorically impossible to present to the deceased man. Do not buy pink flowers and those that have a rich flavor. Such flowers will be inappropriate to look at the grave of the stronger sex.
Bright red flowers symbolize affection, passion and love for a man. These flowers are more often given by spouses and beloved of the deceased. What color flowers for the funeral to give a man should be decided by each person on their own, depending on their attachment to the person.

Flowers for a woman’s funeral.

 Bouquet of chrysanthemums at a woman's funeral

bouquet of chrysanthemums at a woman’s funeral

For each type of girls need to pick up a separate color and shades. For this reason, you need to know the deceased, her character and inner world.

  • If the girl died at a young age, you need to choose flowers delicate shades. Suitable for this color pink and white. These colors symbolize the innocence and frequency of the human soul.
  • the Girl who died in the middle years is preferable to choose yellow and purple flowers. Yellow represents sadness and longing, and purple is the color of loss.
  • for women who are engaged in a family life decided to give flowers of bed shades. Bright and rich colors are not appropriate.
  • Women in the life perform hundreds of tasks simultaneously, you should choose bright and vibrant bouquets.

Flowers at a funeral should Express your feelings and emotions. For this reason, you have to decide which bouquet is suitable in your case.

flowers for children’s funeral.

Bouquet of violets for funeral

bouquet of violets for funeral

Children – flowers of life. It is not rare that a child who has not yet lived leaves this mortal world. In this case, the question arises, what bouquet to raise to the grave of the deceased child.

  • For children who died immediately after birth buy flowers feed color.
  • Children who went to school are usually presented with white flowers.
  • Teenagers need to choose violets and white flowers.

What flowers to choose for the funeral of a loved one, decide on the basis of our recommendations. Buy or order with delivery only fresh bouquets and present them to your family, friends, colleagues and just friends who have left this mortal world.

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