The preparation of the funeral

Organization the venue for the funeral
подготовка места
Preparation of the funeral venue
The venue of the funeral, the territory in which occurs the last farewell with the deceased, with funeral attributes according to the religion of the deceased. Depending on the budget available to relatives, it is possible to create the most favorable environment for this event – this is especially important if there are a lot of people going to the funeral. The higher the funeral class, the more additional services can be offered and shown – our agency VEK is attentive to all the wishes of the customer and realizes them in full. It is worth considering the main list of services that we are ready to offer to our customers.
We will prepare the burial place of a loved one according to all your wishes, and provide detailed support of the process.

The marquee for the funeral

Bad weather, rain, sun and also a large number of the audience – all this is reason enough to order funeral tent. This service has recently become widespread, as it allows to create comfortable conditions for people participating in the ceremony. Tents are most often ordered for the funeral of the elite class, and our company is ready to provide them, providing also quick installation and disassembly.

шатер на похоронах

Grave upholstery by fabric

Within the draping of the place of burial of the edge of the grave upholstered in cloth. This gives the excavation a refined look, allows you to pay the last tribute to the deceased. The ceremony should take place quietly, with dignity, and Drapes will eliminate the appearance that the coffin simply laid in the ground. Our Agency is ready to perform this service for you and beautifully drape the grave according to your wishes.
Драпировка могилы тканью

Paths for the funeral ceremony

Not all the cemeteries, unfortunately, can make total improvement, and the areas where digging fresh graves, there may not be even clean lanes for passage of people. If you are faced with such a problem, and would not want the guests to stand in the mud, making their way through the drifts or overgrown herbs, breaking the decent course of the ceremony, the best way out is to order tracks. Our Agency will fulfill this wish-we will create decent conditions for those present.

Ritual elevator

The coffin should be lowered into the grave gently, the other is an insult to the deceased. In order to do this, use a special ritual lift – then the coffin will be lowered gradually, evenly and smoothly.
Our company provides such equipment, independently places and operates it that lowering of a body in a grave passed without excesses.
ритуальный лифт

The design of the place of burial with flowers

The tradition of decoration and decoration of the burial place has long-standing roots, and we are ready to implement it according to all the rules of floristry.
Live flowers will give grief to relatives and friends, will be another expression of gratitude to the deceased.

Musical accompaniment

The funeral of the elite class often accompanied the funeral orchestra with professional musicians. Our Bureau is ready to provide this opportunity – professional performers will play a funeral march, fulfill all the wishes of the deceased family.

Ritual Bureau of the VEK is a list of details, prescribing each acquisition, and the full estimate will include the cost of the acquisition of land for the grave, coffin, wreaths, clothing, rent a farewell hall, the holding of a wake.

Photo, video

We also offers photography and video services, allowing you to capture the process of the funeral. At this point, you will hardly want to stand alone with a video camera, or ask someone from the invited, but our staff will perform the task and provide high quality recording.

Turning to our ritual agency, you will get 100 %:

  • Personal funeral agent for the organization of the event;
  • Detailed attention to all the wishes;
  • Implementation of any additional services (assistance with paperwork, ordering a memorial meal);
  • Understanding the attitude of the staff to your trouble.