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Правила погребения тела у татар
Rules for the burial of the body among the Tatars

Each nation has its own customs and traditions of burial of the deceased. The Tatars profess Islam, which means that the funeral ceremony of the Tatars takes place according to Muslim customs. This event is attended not only by the family of the deceased, but also by close relatives and neighbors. Each of them has its own role in organizing a person’s last journey.

Parental Saturdays in 2021

In Orthodoxy, they are very sensitive to the memory of the dead. People not only cherish the memory of loved ones who left this world, but also regularly order prayers and requiems. Relatives visit cemeteries, keep an eye on the decoration of the graves. Therefore, in Orthodoxy, eight special days are allocated when believers can pray for the souls of departed relatives and loved ones. Memorial Saturdays are moving dates, and therefore memorial days are held on different dates every year.


Parental Saturdays – meaning in Orthodoxy

In the Christian religion, memorial days have a special meaning. All parishioners can hand over a note the day before with a request to pray for a deceased loved one while reading the liturgy. The history of the establishment of these holidays is different. There are also many versions of why memorial days are called parental days:

  • First of all, children always remember their deceased parents;
  • The deceased are mostly our ancestors, i.e. parents;
  • The most important prayer duty of every person is to his parents, and therefore, in any case, you need to pray for the parents first.

The Ecumenical Meat Passenger Saturday is known since the second coming of Christ. On the eve of the Last Judgment, the Orthodox commemorate all the departed, starting with Adam. That is why this holiday is called Ecumenical – absolutely everyone must be remembered, even if there are no family ties.

Dmitrievskaya parental Saturday is the youngest among all the others. It was installed by Prince Dmitry Donskoy after the battle on the Kulikovo field. Thus, the prince honored the memory of all the soldiers who died in that battle.

Orthodox calendar

Parental Saturdays in 2021 fall on March 8 and 27, April 3 and 10, May 9 and 11, June 19 and November 6. In order not to miss these important dates, you should immediately mark them in your calendar. On these days, people come to the cemetery, talk to the dead, clean up the grave, change the cross or monument, attend the liturgy, and also arrange a commemoration of their departed relatives.

Dates of memorial Saturdays

parent saturdays 2021

Parental dates are not present in every month of the year. Therefore, it is important not to miss them and prepare in advance. Each of these memorial days has its own characteristics that you need to be aware of.

In March, two memorial days fall on 8 and 27 of the month. March 8, 2021 is the Universal Meat-Passing Week, this is the beginning of all memorial days of the year. On this date, cook kutya from cereals and honey and take them to church for a funeral service. The first memorial day during Lent will be March 27.

In April, 2 more parental Saturdays are celebrated – April 3 and 10, respectively. These are the only days of Holy Fourtecost when it is allowed to hold memorial services and pray for dead souls. On the rest of the days, the Orthodox must devote themselves to repentance and the accomplishment of good deeds.

The commemoration of the dead soldiers is always celebrated on May 9, and in 2021 it will be Sunday. On May 11 Radonitsa falls. This holiday is also not a Sabbath but allows you to pray for the dead.

June 19, 2021 celebrate the penultimate memorial day – Trinity parental Saturday. This is the day before the great feast of the Trinity. And on November 6 liturgies in honor of the Dmitrievsk parental Saturday will be served in Orthodox churches.
ritual calendar 2021

Nearest parental Saturday (how to remember)

To have a day like this right, you need to build on the scale. If this is a universal day, then it is important to remember absolutely all the dead. Such days are intended for prayer for all the departed, starting with the first Orthodox person. This allows the laity to think not only of themselves and their loved ones but also of those around them, even strangers. Prayers and memorial services are aimed at turning to God with a request to forgive the departed for all their sins. It turns out that the Orthodox on ecumenical parental Saturdays asks not only for their relatives but even for strangers.

Believers attend liturgies in churches and submit notes with the names of those for whom they ask. Many bring wine, food, and things for the poor, thus doing a good deed. After the service, you can visit the cemetery, clean up there, or have a memorial dinner. There must be a kutia at the memorial dinner, and all conversations are devoted to the deceased.

What date is Parent Saturday in 2021

The days specially designated for praying for the dead are closely related to the Easter of Christ and the Trinity. And since both holidays are rolling, then the holidays also change annually. Only the day of commemoration of the deceased soldiers remains unchanged – May 9.

The week before Great Lent, every year on the first Saturday, they pray for the forgiveness of the sins of the dead. This is a universal memorial day. From the very morning in all Orthodox churches, liturgies are held, asking for all the departed souls. In 2021, it falls on March 8. Then comes the Saturday of the 2nd week of Great Lent – March 27. On this date, relatives are remembered at dinner, they cook kutya and take part of it to church.

The Saturday of the 3rd and 4th weeks of Lent falls on April 3 and 10, respectively. Believers can finish preparing the grave and, in general, all deeds for the great holiday. On the 9th day after Easter, Radonitsa is celebrated. It will be May 11 in 2021. This is the only day when the church does not recommend visiting cemeteries in order to allow the souls of the dead to rejoice in the Resurrection of Christ.

In 2021, Trinity will be celebrated on June 20. Therefore, Trinity parental Saturday falls on the 19th. Before the day of memory of the great martyr Dmitry Thessaloniki, the feast day of Dmitrievskaya Saturday is celebrated. The closest Saturday to this date in 2021 is November 6.

Trinity Parent Saturday

This holiday belongs to the universal, therefore, on the eve of Trinity, they remember and pray for all the dead. You can visit the grave and talk to a deceased relative. But it is important to do this not with longing and sadness, but with light sadness. Indeed, the next day is the great feast of the Trinity.

Dmitrievskaya parent Saturday

Memorial day in November – Dmitrievsky. During the entire week preceding this day, no marriages take place. Fallen warriors are most honored on this day. In 1903, a decree was issued, which prescribed to perform divine services in military units. Believers do not have to come to church services on this day; it is enough to pray at home.

Universal Parent Saturday (meaty)

The first memorial day of the year is called meat-swallowing from the word meat-swag – the last day when it is allowed to eat animal products. According to tradition, pancakes should be baked on this day. The first is left to a relative who is remembered, and all the rest are eaten by family members.

What You Can Do On Parent Saturday

Religious holidays have many bans on holiday activities. People these days should devote themselves to prayers and doing good deeds. The church has a negative attitude towards cleaning the house. Household work can offend the memory of the dead, distract from prayers and petitions for them, and therefore it is better to do the cleaning the day before.

Unfortunately, it is impossible not to work on church holidays. But you should definitely set aside time for going to church in the morning. And if there is no such opportunity, then you should retire and pray for the dead right at work. But it is undesirable to deal with the garden these days. Signs say that the harvest will not come out anyway.

Traditions say that on a memorial day, a broom should be left for the deceased in a melted bath. Therefore, washing in a bath is only encouraged in Christianity. If the baptism of the child is scheduled for this day, then there are no restrictions either. This is the most important ceremony that takes place on any day, even during fasting.

Do’s and don’ts on parental Saturday

It is forbidden to speak badly about the dead, to quarrel, to sort things out on memorial dates. The Church has a negative attitude towards various entertainment and noisy events. These days, you should not leave alcohol and tobacco on the grave, even if the deceased liked it during his lifetime. Religion does not recommend doing housework and household chores. Also, you should not refuse alms.

Memorial days are important dates for every person, and therefore these days you need to behave piously and think only good about the dead.

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Примет и поверий о кладбище
Signs in the cemetery

In the culture of many peoples, there are a large number of signs and beliefs about the cemetery. The experience accumulated over generations provides information about which rituals should not be ignored when visiting the graves of the deceased. And what kind of behavior will lead to negative consequences.

Ритуальные обряды в разных странах мира
Ritual rites in different countries of the world

Ritual rites in various religions, although they have one essence: the repose of the soul of the deceased and its preparation for the last journey, but they are performed using different procedures and ceremonies.

поминальный календарь
Parent Saturdays. Memorial dates in 2020

The memory of the deceased relatives constantly lives in the hearts of loved ones. For special preservation of memory of the dead in the calendar of Orthodox holidays there are special days in which clerics recommend to pray for the dead.

Parental days or memorial Saturdays are so called since ancient times, when only there was a tradition in the temples to pray for the deceased Christians. Tradition also recommends to visit the cemetery. By the name “parent” it is clear that first people remember the deceased father and mother, and also mention in prayer and other relatives, relatives and friends.


Похоронные обряды славян
Funeral rites of the peoples of the world: traditions

The burial rite has specific features in each religion. They can be perceived differently by people around the world. Everyone knows that sooner or later death overtakes every person. When a loved one dies – this is the worst tragedy. There can only be memories that will not erase time. Need to know every person what funeral rites of the world.


Why commemorate it on 9 and 40 days after death?

Today, the pagan beliefs of our ancestors can be traced in Christian rites. From the depths of centuries came to us strict rules, They include: the deceased must be taken out of the house only forward feet in the coffin necessarily put his favorite items. Obligatory ritual is the commemoration of the deceased food on certain days and visiting the grave. Orthodox Christians adhere to Church canons. This is especially true for the rituals of commemoration on the 9th, 40th day and on the anniversary of death. Relatives help the soul of a loved one to find peace and the Kingdom of heaven.

Родительские субботы 2019
Parental Saturdays in 2019
Parent Saturdays in Orthodoxy are created specifically to preserve the memory of the dead. First of all, the next of kin of the deceased should honor the memory, but on universal memorial Saturdays it is necessary to pray for all the dead.


Как хоронят в разных странах мира
How to bury in different countries

The burial ceremony of the deceased has long remained one of the most conservative areas, but current realities and make adjustments to this part of human existence. Keeping the old traditions in a new way has generated pragmatic, sometimes difficult to understand processes. I wonder how buried in different countries and different rites.


Elite funeral. The funeral arrangements are at a high level
A Funeral is a sad, tragic event in the life of any person. The mourning organization of this process, the relatives and friends of the deceased try to Express their feelings, pay their last tribute and honor their memory. To think over all moments and not to miss anything, often there is not enough time, and, above all - forces. At such moments, come to the aid of funeral agencies that take care of the organization of such an event.

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