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All about funeral services
Свидетельство о смерти
What documents are needed for the funeral

Before carrying out the burial of the deceased, it is necessary to formalize everything, obtain documents, certificates, conclude agreements with companies that will carry out the necessary activities.

All this documentation is sure to come in handy. It is also important to gather your courage, discard all worries, approach the collection and execution of the required documents with maximum responsibility.

Родительские субботы в 2022 году
Parental Saturdays in 2022

Parental Saturdays in 2022 mark the opportunity to commemorate our deceased ancestors and petition for a memorial service at the church. Church parental Saturday allows you to fulfill the main prayer duty of the living to the dead. We must remember and honor our parents, grandmothers, grandfathers and just loved ones who are no longer around, so that it would be easier for them to be near the angels and pass the tests of the Last Judgment.

Правила погребения тела у татар
Rules for the burial of the body among the Tatars

Each nation has its own customs and traditions of burial of the deceased. The Tatars profess Islam, which means that the funeral ceremony of the Tatars takes place according to Muslim customs. This event is attended not only by the family of the deceased, but also by close relatives and neighbors. Each of them has its own role in organizing a person’s last journey.

Parental Saturdays in 2021

In Orthodoxy, they are very sensitive to the memory of the dead. People not only cherish the memory of loved ones who left this world, but also regularly order prayers and requiems. Relatives visit cemeteries, keep an eye on the decoration of the graves. Therefore, in Orthodoxy, eight special days are allocated when believers can pray for the souls of departed relatives and loved ones. Memorial Saturdays are moving dates, and therefore memorial days are held on different dates every year.

Примет и поверий о кладбище
Signs in the cemetery

In the culture of many peoples, there are a large number of signs and beliefs about the cemetery. The experience accumulated over generations provides information about which rituals should not be ignored when visiting the graves of the deceased. And what kind of behavior will lead to negative consequences.

Ритуальные обряды в разных странах мира
Ritual rites in different countries of the world

Ritual rites in various religions, although they have one essence: the repose of the soul of the deceased and its preparation for the last journey, but they are performed using different procedures and ceremonies.

поминальный календарь
Parent Saturdays. Memorial dates in 2020

The memory of the deceased relatives constantly lives in the hearts of loved ones. For special preservation of memory of the dead in the calendar of Orthodox holidays there are special days in which clerics recommend to pray for the dead.

Parental days or memorial Saturdays are so called since ancient times, when only there was a tradition in the temples to pray for the deceased Christians. Tradition also recommends to visit the cemetery. By the name “parent” it is clear that first people remember the deceased father and mother, and also mention in prayer and other relatives, relatives and friends.


Похоронные обряды славян
Funeral rites of the peoples of the world: traditions

The burial rite has specific features in each religion. They can be perceived differently by people around the world. Everyone knows that sooner or later death overtakes every person. When a loved one dies – this is the worst tragedy. There can only be memories that will not erase time. Need to know every person what funeral rites of the world.


Why commemorate it on 9 and 40 days after death?

Today, the pagan beliefs of our ancestors can be traced in Christian rites. From the depths of centuries came to us strict rules, They include: the deceased must be taken out of the house only forward feet in the coffin necessarily put his favorite items. Obligatory ritual is the commemoration of the deceased food on certain days and visiting the grave. Orthodox Christians adhere to Church canons. This is especially true for the rituals of commemoration on the 9th, 40th day and on the anniversary of death. Relatives help the soul of a loved one to find peace and the Kingdom of heaven.

Родительские субботы 2019
Parental Saturdays in 2019
Parent Saturdays in Orthodoxy are created specifically to preserve the memory of the dead. First of all, the next of kin of the deceased should honor the memory, but on universal memorial Saturdays it is necessary to pray for all the dead.