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October 29, 2018

How to bury in different countries

The burial ceremony of the deceased has long remained one of the most conservative areas, but current realities and make adjustments to this part of human existence. Keeping the old traditions in a new way has generated pragmatic, sometimes difficult to understand processes. I wonder how buried in different countries and different rites.



German pedantry penetrated into the sphere of funeral business. Here, the inhabitants of the country are faced primarily with the lack of burial places, which invariably leads to a rise in price of services and various obstacles for relatives who want to bury the deceased faster.

The average price of a funeral is about five thousand euros. For this price, the Germans faced not only with the services of mediocre quality, but with the whole bureaucratic chain when documents on the burial issue is not so simple. The Germans have a high awareness, so to save for their funeral, they begin in life. After all, only the fee for a plot of cemetery land is about 2.5 thousand euros, and every year the Germans pay for the improvement.

The Germans are not poor European people, but even they do not always have enough money for burial. In this case, the state took care of the possibility of cremation – this service is cheaper. The most cost-effective method of burial is cremation in the neighboring Czech Republic, where prices for funeral services are much lower.


Funerals in Finland are also not a cheap service, but here the Church provides some assistance. If a believing citizen regularly paid tax to the Church, the cemetery space is allocated free of charge, and partially offset the cost of burial. Most of the faithful can be buried in free cemetery, for atheists available as paid options.

Cremation has become very popular in Finland. The percentage of the burned dead reaches about 70 and every year the figure is growing more and more. For people of wealthy expenses are paid from the savings of the deceased, help can come from relatives. On average, the funeral will cost from one and a half to three thousand euros. Socially unprotected strata of the population do not remain one on one with their problem – for such dead, the funeral services Association of Finland allocates the necessary minimum for burial.


Funerals in India are particularly exotic. According to the legends of local Hindus, in order for the soul to be able to move, the body must be completely destroyed and the soul released. Therefore, as a funeral rite chosen burning-it is carried out on the first day after the death of a person. The better and more colorful the ceremony will be, the more favorable will be the deceased to his earthly relatives.

After cremation, all present enter the river for purification. Four days later, relatives take the rotted ashes, put it in an urn and give it to the ground – this is only a temporary rite, because eventually the ashes flutter over the river.

The most expensive funeral in the city of Varanasi-2-3 thousand dollars. The city stands on the sacred Ganges and the ashes are particularly honorable. Everywhere scurrying representatives of the lower castes, moonlighting as a tray of firewood, campfire and other services. Those who have no money for a magnificent cremation, can bury the relatives to the earth or even to leave a body to smolder without burial.


funeral In China

China is also experiencing a significant imprint of national traditions during the funeral process.  A typical method of burial is burial in the ground or cremation. The latter is used most often, because the densely populated China can no longer provide all the land for burial.

The urn containing the ashes kept in the columbarium in the family cells on the top are written the names of all family members and when you add in the columbarium the ashes of the deceased relative’s name is painted in white. The symbol of the living red.

Funerals depend on the lunar calendar – the Chinese choose the most favorable day and the body lies even a few weeks before the “x-hour”. In the coastal villages preserved the custom of marine burial. During the burial, the Chinese are watching. In order not to attract evil spirits – this is done a number of magical rituals.


Funerals in Georgia are distinguished by a mixture of pomposity and adherence to long-standing strict traditions. To collect relatives and friends of Georgians are satisfied with ritual laments. Traditional burial – burial in the ground, cremation is not welcome here. Around the deceased – a variety of luxury items, a glass of wine and grain, as well as other religious accessories.

The deceased is buried until the seventh day after his death. It is important to choose a good time – usually even days of the week. After the farewell, the funeral procession goes on foot to the mountains to bury the body. Ends with the funeral rites of a luxurious funeral. The cost of the funeral in Georgia depends entirely on the family of the deceased.


Brazil is a country of contrasts, and they occur even in such an” intimate ” business as the funeral of the dead. You can Bury the deceased in Brazil for a hundred dollars or several thousand. For especially poor Brazilians funeral and at all free-enough statements in the municipality about how, that funds on burial lacks.

Separately, the state takes care of those dead who have identified a high level of civil responsibility and bequeathed their organs for transplantation. The state takes all the expenses for the burial of the remains of such a citizen. Buried in the ground and burned. From the type of burial depends on the amount of care for the ashes:

  • for the graves of the Dachshund for three years-45 euros per square meter;
  • The elevate the columbarium will be 5 years for EUR 130.

After three years, the payment is extended, or the ashes are moved to a common tomb. Relatives can reburial the ashes of the deceased, but this is not done often, because the “cool” cemeteries in Brazil and there is no question of prestige is not worth it. A good tone is the burial of all family members together, on the same land.

Traditions, which are buried in different countries of the world, are changing, so the issue of practicality and cheapness of the burial rite is increasingly considered. In many countries, burial in the ground is replaced by cremation, but such rituals are not yet held in all countries of the world.