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Ritual attributes for funerals

From the earliest times to the burial as a ritual ceremony treated with respect and special attention - it was safely supposed to be buried with all the honors and observance of the ritual. And ritual towel plays an important role in it - it is as important as the coffin and clothes in which the deceased, the cross and wreaths are clad.

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Photo of ritual attributes from the funeral bureau of the VEK

What are considered funeral attributes

  • Flowers on the coffin lid;
  • Wreaths and baskets, natural or artificial flowers;
  • Ribbons with the inscription on the funeral wreaths;
  • Ritual cross on the grave;
  • Lamps, webbing for binding limbs;
  • Clothing and shoes intended for funeral, and suitable for the deceased according to his age and status;
  • Photo frames for portraits, nameplates;
  • Urn for ashes (after cremation);
  • Ritual veil, shawls and other textiles.

Ritual supplies with delivery

If your share fell hard test associated with the death of someone close, you can buy ritual attributes with delivery to Kiev with the least hassle. Death and funerals are a trying time, this is a situation where the entire family of the deceased with the necessary assistance and support, and specialists of the burial Agency of VEK understand that. We create all conditions for simple cooperation, provide goods and services without overpayments, on the most understandable grounds.

How to order funeral paraphernalia

Here you can order ritual paraphernalia, considering the many proposals from our catalog. The exact prices and terms of delivery you will learn by phone on the website.

We take into account all the wishes of the client, create opportunities for choice, advise and help. In addition, we always strive to keep within the available budget to eliminate any discomfort for those who came to us. You can call us at any time, and experts will provide you with all the necessary attributes for the funeral delivery, the most convenient way.

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