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November 26, 2019

Parent Saturdays. Memorial dates in 2020

The memory of the deceased relatives constantly lives in the hearts of loved ones. For special preservation of memory of the dead in the calendar of Orthodox holidays there are special days in which clerics recommend to pray for the dead.

Parental days or memorial Saturdays are so called since ancient times, when only there was a tradition in the temples to pray for the deceased Christians. Tradition also recommends to visit the cemetery. By the name “parent” it is clear that first people remember the deceased father and mother, and also mention in prayer and other relatives, relatives and friends.


Orthodox calendar


Orthodox calendar 2020

Orthodox calendar

The calendar of Orthodox dates is filled with passing and permanent holidays. There is also a place for parents ‘ memorial Saturdays-special days when people pray and do good deeds in memory of the deceased. Memorial Saturdays, although they do not have a fixed date, they pass annually, but are inextricably linked with the great Orthodox celebrations – Easter and Trinity. Depending on the date of these holidays, a certain number of weeks are counted and parental days are designated.

Dates of memorial Saturdays

memorial day table

The Orthodox calendar in 2020 has eight parental Saturdays, if you take into account the day of remembrance of the dead soldiers. The first falls on the last Saturday of February and is called the Universal meat and cabbage or Little Shrove Tuesday. Three more dates in March are 14, 21 and 28 March – Saturdays of the second, third and fourth week (week) of the Easter fast. For commemoration of parents Radonitsa which next year falls on on April 28 is intended also.

Traditionally in day commemoration warriors 9 on may can be commemorate and parents, also make this in Trinity Saturday 6 June and Dmitrievskuyu Saturday, falling on 7 November. In each of these dates, except Radonitsa, you can go to the temple and the burial place of the deceased. More information can be found on the calendar presented above.

Memorial day table

February 22Universal meat-and-meat Sabbath, which is celebrated 8 days before the beginning of the Easter fast. The second name of this day is Malaya Shrovetide. On this day, pray for all the dead.
March 14Dates fall on the second, third, and fourth Saturdays of fasting. The availability of special allocated dates during office stems with those, that cannot be celebrate calendar the third, ninth and fortieth day after death, so relatives deceased can commemorate their exclusively in these days.
March 21
March 28
April 28this day is called Radonitsa. In fact, it is a holiday, although it is associated with such a sad event as the commemoration of a departed person. On Radonitsa it is customary to prepare a good dinner, but a person is commemorated not in the cemetery, but at home, so as not to invade the world of the dead.
June 6the Universal Trinity Sabbath is associated with the need to attend Church and the grave of the deceased person. It is decorated with greenery. This is the main day when the souls of all deceased people are commemorated.
November 7Dmitrievsky parental Saturday, during the day in the temples services are held funeral services. During the day you need to go to the cemetery, and in the evening-to gather relatives for dinner and remember the dead.

Orthodox memorial days in 2020

Memorial days in the calendar of Orthodox holidays – a special date. It is on these days that relatives commemorate those who passed away. Parental Saturdays have their own characteristics and recommendations for visiting cemeteries, churches, organizing a memorial dinner.

Universal meat-eating parent Saturday

The first of the year is the Universal meat-and-meat parent Sabbath. On this day, it is customary to remember all the dead Christians, that is, you can pray not only for your parents, but also for friends and relatives. The memorial day once again speaks about the salvation of souls, because the living must pray for those who have already left this world.

Memorial Saturday is necessarily accompanied by a ritual meal, the main dish of which is kutya. It is made from wheat with honey. If there is no wheat, cereal is replaced with rice or barley. The prepared dish should be taken to the Church and consecrated at the memorial service.

Parental sabbaths of the Holy Septuagenary

Holy Pentecost is the days of Great lent, in which the Church especially calls to perform repentance and take care of charity for neighbors. Since funeral liturgies are not held on the seventh days of fasting, three Saturdays are specially allocated for the commemoration of the dead.


On the 9th day after Easter, Orthodox Christians celebrate the day of rejoicing. This memorial day in 2020 falls on April 28. On the memorial day after the service in the evening, a memorial service with Easter hymns is performed. On Radonitsa it is not recommended to go to cemeteries, Church servants note that it is not necessary to disturb the souls of the deceased on this day. Especially-to leave there food, alcoholic beverages, to remember the dead on the graves.

On the day of rejoicing, it is recommended to go to the Church. Here it is necessary to pray for the souls of the deceased, while the prayer will be pious and pure, because the Church does not require the offering of gifts. Most importantly, submit a note with the name of the deceased for remembrance at the offertory. Of course, gifts for the Church are not prohibited either. If desired, you can bring food and Cahors and consecrate the products.

Trinity parental Saturday

On the eve of Holy Pentecost, a funeral service is also performed. It is correct to remember the dead on this day-to come to Church early in the morning and pray at the divine Liturgy. Before the Liturgy, a note with the name of one or more people is written and served to the Church. Prayer can be not only for parents or close relatives, but also for all the deceased, whom I want to mention.

After visiting the temple, it is allowed to go to the cemetery for individual commemorations. A private funeral service at the cemetery is a time of unity with the souls of loved ones. Here it is necessary to pray for their souls, but to leave the grave with bright thoughts, because the next day will come the feast of the Trinity.

Dmitrievskaya parental Saturday

Dmitrievsky parental Saturday is traditionally associated with the name of Dmitry Solunsky and is celebrated in late October-early November. The date of transition. On parental Saturday it is recommended to visit churches, to order dirges or liturgies and to arrange funeral meals.

On the Demetrius Sabbath, Orthodox Christians pray for dead souls, but mostly they are parents. If on this day the temple can not be visited, then you can pray both at home and in the cemetery.

Memorial days in March

Memorial days in March are associated with Lent. That’s three Saturdays. Running in a row and in 2020, they fall on < strong>14, 21 and 28 March< / strong>. Since Easter is a passing holiday, the dates of the March parental Saturdays change every year. On the first Saturday it is recommended to go to the temple and pray for the souls of the dead, as well as visit the graves and clean up there.

On this day, it is customary to bake pancakes. The first is left for the deceased, and the rest are eaten in the family circle. It is recommended to bring a small part to the temple or distribute to the poor.
The second and third parental sabbaths should be marked by Liturgy. After attending the Liturgy, relatives pray for the dead and ask for absolution. It is recommended to bring small gifts to the Church, mostly sweets, which are then distributed to people in need.

After visiting the Church, you can go to the cemetery. If the cleaning of the grave was unfinished, it is time to put it in order, so that eventually for the great holiday everything was cleaned. The most important purpose of the three Saturdays of March is to do good deeds.

Memorial days in June

On June falls Trinity Saturday. On this day, the divine Liturgy is held in the morning, and after it-a memorial service. The peculiarity of the June Sabbath is that you can pray not only for those who died “their” death, but also were killed or missing. It is very important that the souls of the deceased found peace and quiet, and their loved ones remembered them and asked the Lord for forgiveness and salvation of the souls of those who left prematurely and could not repent of their sins before death.

Memorial days in October

In October, memorial days are associated with Dmitrievsky parental Saturday. Often this day falls at the end of the month, but in 2020 it is the beginning of November. This is the last parental Saturday of the year. On this day, the Church serves Parastas and pray for the dead.

It is the sacred duty of every Christian to celebrate his parents ‘ sabbaths. In this we show love for our neighbor, support the memory of the dead and spiritual connection with them. The Church has a number of ritual services for this purpose, and it is also recommended to pray on the graves of the deceased.

What can I do on parental Saturday

Parental services have a clear purpose-commemoration of the dead, so some “secular” activities can be banned. Believers most often want to know the restrictions on work, baptism, cleaning and communion.

Can I work on a parent Saturday

It is not forbidden to work on the parents ‘ Sabbath, but the priests insist that time be allocated for going to Church. It is extremely important to come to the temple in the morning, submit notes for the deceased and then you can go to work. If you can not go to Church, you can read a prayer at work, but be sure to pay spiritual attention to the deceased. No need to work in the garden-according to beliefs, planted plants will not grow and will not bear fruit.

Whether it is Possible to heat a bath in parental Saturday

On parental Saturday, the kindling of the bath is encouraged. For Slavs clean days were considered Thursday and Saturday – these days often went to the bath. Moreover, after bathing it is necessary to leave a broom in the bath for the dead – this is the tradition. This is evidenced by historical sources.

Can I clean the house

The Church has a negative attitude to cleaning the house Saturday. It is believed that the holiday should be met already in a clean house, but on the parental Saturday you do not need to mess with dirt – this is disrespect for the memory of the dead. Therefore, washing floors, cleaning carpets, washing should be transferred to another time. It is clear that small cleaning in the house, for example, washing dishes and cleaning the table after a meal, is permissible.

Is it possible to baptize on the parental Sabbath

There are no restrictions on the baptism of a child on the parental Sabbath. However, there are no restrictions on other days, fasts and even great holidays. Baptism is considered to be a very important rite and should be carried out first, regardless of the date. The only thing you need to think about in advance is to agree on the time of the ceremony, so as not to get to the Liturgy and not to wait for a long time.

Is it possible to take communion on the parental Sabbath

The communion of the Church recommended one to two times a month, but it is best to take for this rite is Sunday, not Saturday. On this day, the priests are more free, and there are fewer people in the temple to feel more comfortable.

The invaluable help that can be provided by living relatives of the deceased are often prayers for the repose. The souls of the dead, according to the Church, should rest precisely because of the constant prayers of living people. Parental sabbaths become a manifestation of the fact that the dead are remembered, and it is recommended to read prayers not only on parental days, but also daily.

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memorial day table