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All about funeral services
Ритуальные обряды в разных странах мира
Ritual rites in different countries of the world. Funerals in Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Islam, and Judaism
поминальный календарь
Orthodox calendar of memorial days (2020). Memorial Saturday table. Orthodox memorial days in 2020.
Похоронные обряды славян
The burial rite has specific features in each religion. They can be perceived differently by people around the world. Everyone knows that sooner or later death overtakes every person.
The mourning of funeral days

*The first day is the day of death

November 27, 2018

Parental Saturdays in 2019

Parent Saturdays in Orthodoxy are created specifically to preserve the memory of the dead. First of all, the next of kin of the deceased should honor the memory, but on universal memorial Saturdays it is necessary to pray for all the dead.


2019 memorial days table

The calendar for 2019 contains several such memorial days. In the table you can see the date when the parent Saturdays fall:

March 2Universal meat-fare Saturday, which is celebrated for 8 days before the beginning of the Easter lent. The second name of this day – a Small Carnival. On this day they pray for all the dead.
March 23Dates fall on the second, third and fourth Saturday of the post. The presence of special selected dates during lent due to the fact that no one can mark the calendar the third, ninth and fortieth day after death, and the relatives of the deceased can commemorate them exclusively these days.
30 March
April 6
may 7This day is called Radonitsa. In fact, it is a holiday, although it is associated with such a sad event as the commemoration of a person who has left us. On Radonitsa it is customary to prepare a good dinner, but a person is not commemorated at the cemetery, but at home, so as not to invade the world of the dead.
June 15Universal Trinity Saturday is connected with the need to visit the Church and the grave of the deceased person. It is decorated with greenery. This is the main day when the souls of all dead people are commemorated.
November 2Dmitrievsky parental Saturday, during the day in the temples services are held funeral services. Day need to go to the cemetery, and in the evening gathering of relatives for dinner to commemorate the dead.

Meaning of parent Saturdays in Orthodoxy

Parent Saturdays in Orthodoxy are so tightly mixed with the Universal, that in practice the days of remembrance, the dead much more. In addition to the above parent Saturdays, the dead are commemorated on the third day, the ninth day, the fortieth day and the anniversary. As a rule, the next year is commemorated only on the anniversary of his death.

The value of the parent of the Sabbath is very great. First of all, Orthodoxy speaks of the memory of the dead relatives, parents, brothers and sisters, so the days of remembrance were called parental Saturdays. In the Universal funeral days – meat-fare and Trinity Saturdays, it is customary to commemorate not only relatives, but also for all the dead.

This reminds a person that life on earth is short and it is necessary to carry the memory of relatives, thus setting an example for children. Only then will the soul find peace after death. Thanks to this, the parent Saturdays connect generations, and children honor the memory of relatives to several knees.

Orthodox calendar of parent Saturdays


Dates of memorial Saturdays

Memorial Saturdays in 2019 fall on such dates:

  • 2, 23, 30 March;
  • April 6;
  • may 7, 9;
  • June 15, 29;
  • August 31;
  • November 2.

Dmitrievskaya parent Saturday

Dmitrievskaya parent Saturday in the calendar is in close proximity to the holiday of St. great Martyr Dmitry Solunsky. According to historical data, it began to be celebrated after the battle of Kulikovo, where more than 250 thousand people died, and was originally dedicated to the memory of the dead in this battle, but gradually became a significant day for all Orthodox.

Since then, every Saturday before the day of memory of D. Solunsky Slavs celebrated a memorial day, not only for those killed in battles, but also other deceased relatives. This date firmly entered the Church practice and became a parent Saturday.

Correct behavior on memorial days

On parental Saturday, you must visit the graves of the dead, go to Church, serve a memorial service at the cemetery, order the Requiem lithium and commemorate the meal. Pray in Dmitrievskaya Saturday primarily about the souls of dead relatives.

If it is impossible to visit the Church is required to pray at home, reciting the Prayer for the dead. When reading a prayer, you can use a memorial – a special little book (you can use a notebook), which contains the names of all the deceased relatives who need to be remembered in prayer.

Church commemoration begins with the arrival at the Church on the eve of the parents ‘ day, i.e. on Friday evening. At this time the parastas is read – the great memorial service devoted to commemoration of the dead. The funeral Liturgy is celebrated the next day in the morning, followed by a General Requiem service. In the Church at Liturgy and parastas is served note with the names of deceased relatives (in the genitive). On the Canon are placed donations-all, except meat and spirits.

What you can do Saturday

Parent Saturday have a clear purpose-commemoration of the dead, so some “mundane” activities may be banned. Believers most often want to know restrictions about work, baptism, cleaning and communion.

Can I work on a parent Saturday

Work on parental Saturday is not prohibited, but the priests insist that time be allocated for going to Church. It is extremely important to come to the temple in the morning, submit notes for the dead and then you can go to work. If you can not go to Church, you can read a prayer at work, but be sure to pay spiritual attention to the dead. No need to work in the garden-according to legend, planted plants will not grow and will not bear fruit.

Can I heat up the sauna Saturday

Saturday kindling baths encouraged. For Slavs clean days were considered Thursday and Saturday – these days often went to the bath. Besides, after bathing it is necessary to leave a broom in a bath for the dead – such is tradition. This is evidenced by historical sources.

Can I clean the house

The Church has a negative attitude to cleaning the house Saturday. It is believed that the holiday should be met in a clean house, but on parental Saturday do not need to get involved with the dirt – it is disrespect for the memory of the dead. Therefore, floor washing, carpet cleaning, washing should be transferred to another time. It is clear that small cleaning of the house, such as washing dishes and cleaning the table after a meal, are acceptable.

Can I baptize on a parent Saturday

There are no restrictions on the baptism of a child on parental Saturday. However, there are no restrictions and on other days, posts and even great holidays. Baptism is considered a very important ceremony and should be held priority, regardless of the date. The only thing you need to think in advance – to agree on the time of the ceremony, not to get to the Liturgy and not wait long.

Can I take communion on a parent Saturday

The communion of the Church recommended one to two times a month, but it is best to take for this rite is Sunday, not Saturday. On this day, the priests are more free, and there are fewer people in the temple to feel more comfortable.

The invaluable help that can be provided by living relatives of the deceased are often prayers for the repose. The souls of the dead, according to the Church, should rest thanks to the constant prayers of living people. Parental Saturdays become a manifestation of what is remembered about the dead, and it is recommended to read prayers not only in the parents ‘ days, but also daily.