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the Sarcophagus has long been used for the disposal of famous people. The covering from strong material becomes the last house of the died person. Special attention is paid to the design of exclusive models. Among all the options, exclusive coffins and sarcophagi are leading in beauty and functionality.

The entire line of sarcophagi, coffins of premium class from world manufacturers is presented in the exhibition hall of the funeral home CENTURY. The goods are always available.

The sarcophagi and coffins of PREMIUM delivery.
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Photo of coffins of premium from the funeral home VEK

Variety of choice: materials, colors and shapes

The store has a wide selection of goods of the highest quality, whose finish turns the memorial bed into a masterpiece of art. Made of an array of high-quality wood, they are suitable for the dead growth from 160 cm to 200 cm inside the coffin lined with soft fabric excellent selection. The cost of the two-wing coffin varies depending on the number of parts, decoration stones and the material from which it is made.

The exclusive coffin will give a special grandeur to the funeral ceremony. Ritual products from qualitative raw materials with strong mechanisms will help to carry out adequately to the last way of the close person.

By color, they differ by:

  • maroon;
  • black;
  • brown;
  • white;
  • walnut;
  • golden.

The outer coating can be matte or glossy. It is possible to finish with expensive materials – marble, silver, Swarovski crystals. Despite the high quality, the price of products of noble shades remains acceptable, and will help to reduce funeral costs.

Exclusive coffin with delivery to any city of Ukraine

Coffin with two lids-a classic. It allows you to keep open only the upper half of the sarcophagus, providing a decent view of the deceased. Inside there is upholstery and bedding. They are made of natural fabrics – velvet, satin, cotton and silk. Cushion and bedspread can be decorated with additional accessories. Decorators use thin lace and gilt elements, giving the Lodge luxury and wealth.

Buy the sarcophagus in Kiev can be in a safe and trusted place VIP class- the exhibition hall of the funeral home CENTURY. Our salon of funeral services guarantees fast delivery of products to any point of the country. The specialists of the Bureau are attentive to the wishes of customers.

Exclusive coffins-sarcophagi not only look beautiful, but also show the financial capabilities of customers. Made of oak, maple, cherry, cedar and beech, they are highly durable and emphasize the social status of the deceased. In form they are divided into:

  • decks;
  • hexahedrons;
  • octahedrons.

Multiple painting and carving decoration are the main differences of exclusive coffins. The sarcophagus can be decorated with precious and semi-precious metals. To be resistant to damage, the products are treated with a special lacquer coating. Representative appearance and refinement are their main advantages.

The presence of metal handles-holders along the length simplifies carrying the coffin. Simply smooth lines give a refined and impressive. The originality of the creations are to be admired. They bring a special solemnity to the farewell ceremony, allowing to pay tribute to the deceased.