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Signs in the cemetery

In the culture of many peoples, there are a large number of signs and beliefs about the cemetery. The experience accumulated over generations provides information about which rituals should not be ignored when visiting the graves of the deceased. And what kind of behavior will lead to negative consequences.


How do I enter the cemetery?

It is believed that if you enter the cemetery gate with your hands clenched, you can leave good luck among the graves. Do not clench your hands into fists, open palms show your intentions. If you have a bag or bag in your hand, throw it over your wrist or shoulder, freeing your hand.

Visit the churchyard in the morning, in the evening the visitor disturbs the souls of dead people with his presence. Remember, visit with funeral procession – Central gate, side gate – for other purposes. You need to leave the cemetery the same way that you entered.

signs in the cemetery

Funeral signs

Many interesting beliefs related to funerals, knowing them, you can avoid unpleasant surprises of the future.
A narrow grave that does not fit coffin means that the earth refuses to accept the deceased – there are too many sins or unfinished business. It is likely that the deceased will pull someone from the family.

The crumbling earth around the edges of the grave indicates the next death from the deceased person’s family. If the ground falls from the southern edge, expect a male relative to die, and a female relative to die from the Northern side.

To prevent the soul of the deceased from returning, all members of his family should throw a handful of earth into the grave. The same ritual relieves fears of the dead.

How do I get out of the cemetery without causing trouble?

There are certain rituals that came to us from old times. If you don’t follow these rules, you can cause illness and trouble.
When leaving the burial site, do not turn around at the gate. The gesture of regret calls for souls to follow, thereby bringing disaster to the person who looks back.

After leaving the cemetery, you need to wash your face and hands with pre-stored water. It is not recommended to collect water in burial sites, this water carries a bad energy charge. Before entering the house, make sure that you do not bring any cemetery earth on the soles of your feet. Bringing it into the home, a person brings diseases and problems.

General beliefs and rituals

Not all signs associated with the churchyard carry negative information, despite the heavy energy of the place.

Interesting facts and omens:

  • The Cemetery land. There is an interesting belief that if you collect land from seven different graves, you can get rid of the fear of the child. If you mix earth with ash, it will be used for bad purposes.
  • Weather – it rained at the cemetery during the funeral. So, the man was a good one, nature mourns him along with his family.
  • Crows at the graves – otherworldly guides of souls. The birds have gathered and are shouting loudly-expect a change in the weather for the worse, for a short time.
  • Birds. A man came to visit the deceased and saw a bird at the grave-he is waiting for a change for the better, a promotion.
  • Cats in the cemetery. A black cat walking among the graves is a witch come for a walk. White cats are the souls of the righteous, carrying good news.
  • Bad herbs grow on the graves of sinful people, and good plants grow over the bodies of the righteous.

Remember that things from the cemetery can not be taken away, and the object that was on the ground, left to the dead. If you fall into the cemetery, you should leave without stopping. When you come home, you are washed with Holy water. It is not necessary to drive and beat animals that find themselves in the churchyard, it is better to distract them with food and move away. It is also worth doing with the animals that were nailed to the funeral procession.

While in the cemetery, you should show tact and respect to the places where our relatives and ancestors rest. Rituals are an important part of the traditions of every nation.

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